The Epilepsy Foundation is the leading comprehensive epilepsy organization providing caring help and support to people affected by seizures, driving innovative new therapy development and epilepsy research, and serving individuals through education, advocacy and supportive care services both digitally and in communities across the country.


A world without epilepsy; lives free from seizures.


To lead the fight to overcome the challenges of living with epilepsy and to accelerate therapies to stop seizures, find cures, and save lives.

Our Core Values

The Epilepsy Foundation’s core values are forged by our unwavering passion to serve individuals living with epilepsy. The passionate commitment drives us with a sense of urgency to make a difference in a timeframe that matters for all those whom we are privileged to serve. These core values guide our behavior, judgments, and how we accomplish our mission:


We are wholly committed to promoting the interests of people living with epilepsy and seizures and serving as an unwavering ally in the fight against epilepsy, and we recognize that no one can better identify one’s needs than the individuals who are directly affected.

Commitment to Excellence

We provide prompt, courteous and thorough attention to our constituents, strive to relentlessly increase our knowledge, and seek the highest level of service we can achieve. We lead through innovation, maximizing technology and resources to their fullest and exceeding expectations.


We continuously strive to establish the Epilepsy Foundation as the leader in information and education, advocacy, research and services to people with epilepsy and seizures, both digitally and in communities across the country. We are vigilant in the measurement and evaluation of our activities and progress toward meeting our strategic goals and the needs of people affected by epilepsy and seizures.


We highly value our partnership with those affected by epilepsy and seizures, and they will be included in all our decision-making and activities. We value all our partners in education, advocacy, research and services for people with epilepsy and seizures and their families, and actively promote mutually beneficial collaborations to further our mutual missions.

Diversity and Inclusiveness

We are accessible to and support all communities affected by epilepsy and seizures. We seek diversity of experience, culture and belief in our work environments, our planning and our decision-making. All activities are developed, implemented and evaluated in ways that reflect inclusivity and diversity.


We are honest, ethical and transparent in our relationships with each other and with our many treasured constituencies.

Strategies, Objectives and Priority Activities

This strategic plan is centered on implementing interdependent strategies. Each has overarching objectives, which will move forward the mission of the Epilepsy Foundation and will be strategically implemented throughout the Epilepsy Foundation network. Progress on the objectives will be measured and achieved through priority activities. In every aspect of our plan and activities, we will seek opportunities to build and enhance partnerships with other organizations that share our core values and our fundamental goal of improving the lives of people and families living with epilepsy.

Strategy 1: Accelerate Innovative Therapies and Research

Strategic Objective: Measurably increase support for innovative therapies and research to eliminate seizures, side effects, epilepsy-related mortality, co-morbidities and other consequences of epilepsy; address gaps in the research, commercialization, and implementation continuum.

Priority Activities:

  1. Increase the absolute and relative contribution to support innovative research and new therapies.
  2. Encourage scientists and clinicians to devote their careers to epilepsy research and clinical care through financial and other forms of support.
  3. Accelerate research and the commercialization of new therapies for epilepsy through grants, investments and innovative partnerships and platforms, including the development of a clinical trials consortium and a pipeline conference that brings together leaders from all areas of new therapy development.
  4. Undertake advocacy to support regulatory processes and to remove barriers imposed by systems of healthcare and insurance programs in order to promote speedier access to all available therapies, including recently approved treatments.
  5. Support the use and development of evidence based, self-management therapeutic approaches including dietary therapy, exercise, stress management, and other areas of seizure and quality-of-life management, especially when commercial incentives may not suffice to make such approaches widely available.

Strategy 2: Empower Individuals and Families through Education, Awareness and Community Services and Support

A. Strategic Objective: Education

Provide comprehensive information on epilepsy, available therapies, providers and services to individuals, families and healthcare professionals online and in local communities.

Priority Activities:

  1. Enhance our digital platform including online web, mobile and social media resources and tools to increase reach and educate targeted audiences.
  2. Build partnerships with professional organizations and publications to foster the exchange of relevant and cutting edge information.
  3. Build outreach of Epilepsy Foundation resources with the professional community (including epileptologists, neurologists, nurse practitioners, allied health professionals, and pediatricians).
  4. Promote and increase the reach and utilization of our 24 hour, nationwide support resource.
  5. Ensure consistency and accuracy of information throughout the network and epilepsy community.

B. Strategic Objective: Awareness

Increase awareness of epilepsy and of the Epilepsy Foundation among the general public and individuals and families living with epilepsy.

Priority Activities:

  1. Develop comprehensive public awareness campaigns and messaging to elevate the visibility of epilepsy and the Epilepsy Foundation mission and vision.
  2. Raise awareness of the mortality in epilepsy for people and families affected.
  3. Review the Foundation’s brand, key messaging and name to reflect the Foundation’s focus on accelerating change on behalf of people with epilepsy.
  4. Expand the outreach and awareness of the Foundation’s education, advocacy and support services to increase the number of people served across the nation.
  5. Build awareness of all available epilepsy pharmaceuticals, devices, dietary and diagnostic therapies to individuals, families and medical professionals.

C. Strategic Objective: Services and Support

Provide support services and promote opportunities to build communities and exchange knowledge and experience nationwide, online and through local activities and partnerships.

Priority Activities

  1. Establish coordinated nationwide and state policy priorities and mobilize advocates regarding public health, access to care and regulatory issues pertaining to epilepsy.
  2. Create structures through which individuals can come together to raise awareness, raise funds and provide mentoring and other services in the community.
  3. Provide local and online support to bereaved families.
  4. Expand the availability of legal resources to support people living with epilepsy. 
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