How Epilepsy Changed My Life

Richard is learning to control his life with an epilepsy diagnosis, instead of letting epilepsy control him

By Richard Rosario

I was diagnosed with epilepsy in June of 2021, at the height of a COVID-19 surge. I've never had a seizure before and didn't know much about them until they landed me in the hospital for several weeks.

I lost parts of my memory. I couldn't even remember things that happened just weeks earlier. With all the medical exams and difficulties that came with the seizures, I lost over 20 pounds and I could barely sit up or even stand.

After that, my life changed. I couldn't stay up late with friends for a midnight premiere, I couldn't go out for casual drinks, and I had to take medicine at the same time twice a day. I wasn't even allowed to drive for three months after my last seizure.

I felt miserable, angry, and frustrated at this new diagnosis. However, I decided to keep my chin up and continue living with some modifications.

Now, I am driving again. I am learning to modify aspects of my life that were causing excessive stress and even started back at CrossFit. I gained back weight and am getting fitter than I was before my initial seizures.

My goal now is to re-learn to study so I can finally attain my certified public accountant (CPA) license. With the help of my family and friends, I'm learning to control more of my life with this diagnosis, instead of letting epilepsy control me.

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Reviewed By: Sara Wyen

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