Epilepsy Ventures Fund



The Epilepsy Ventures Fund (EVF) advances therapeutics, diagnostics, devices, wearables, and how we use data to improve quality of life for the epilepsy community. People living with epilepsy face many challenges, but innovation in research and technology can provide more positive healthcare outcomes for those who experience seizures. 

As the venture arm of the Epilepsy Foundation, the Fund leverages the expertise, visibility, and patient access of the leading nonprofit organization in the epilepsy community.


EVF is a philanthropic venture capital fund led by an expert team of partners. The returns realized from investments are reinvested in the Fund and support the Epilepsy Foundation’s research, advocacy, education and awareness programs.

See the impact with the EVF donor report (April-June 2022).

Our Epilepsy Project Pipeline closely monitors start-up companies in epilepsy for funding consideration:

When you make a tax-deductible donation to the Epilepsy Foundation’s Epilepsy Ventures Fund, you are creating a legacy of support by investing in companies that advance therapeutics for people with epilepsy.

Contact us by emailing evf@efa.org to get in touch about the Epilepsy Ventures Fund and to make a donation.


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