The Epilepsy Learning Healthcare System (ELHS)


Imagine building a learning health system in which all people – family and community members, clinicians, researchers and health system leaders - work together. They design, implement, and share the results of collaborative research and quality improvement efforts. And this work leads to better health outcomes and increased quality, experience, and value in care. A learning health system approach can dramatically accelerate the ability to generate new knowledge and put it into practice.

In 2018, the Epilepsy Foundation was awarded a PCORNet Learning Health System Network Pilot Collaborative grant to establish an Epilepsy Learning Healthcare System.

ELHS Vision

Our vision is for all people with epilepsy to live their highest quality of life, striving for freedom from seizures and side effects, and we won’t stop until we get there.

ELHS Mission

Our mission is to design and implement a system of co-production that will improve outcomes for people with epilepsy and their families/caregivers in the following specific ways:

  • Improve quality of life
  • Improve seizure control
  • Improve seizure freedom

Co-production means that patients, families and health care professionals work together towards similar ends. Patients and families are part of the whole process.

"We want to change healthcare and research for the better, for all people with epilepsy."

ELHS Leadership

The Epilepsy Learning Healthcare System central leadership team is composed of:

  • Brandy Fureman, PhD, ELHS Network Coordinating Center Lead
  • Kathleen Farrell, MB BCh BAO, ELHS Program Director
  • Saniya Griffin, MBA, CSM, ELHS Program Manager
  • Susan Herman, MD, ELHS Clinical Core Lead
  • Jeffrey Buchhalter, MD, PhD, Quality Improvement Lead
  • Lidia Moura, MD, PhD, MPH, ELHS Data Core Lead
  • Nick Abend, MD, ELHS Research Infrastructure & Policy Lead
  • Yashmi Shirish Sevak, MS, ELHS Data Analyst 
  • M. Andrea Donahue, MD, ELHS Data Program Manager
  • Adriana Sartorio, MS, ELHS Community Senior Chair
  • Crystal Hagans, DrPhD, ELHS Community Vice Chair

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