Epilepsy Foundation Expands its Reach Beyond the Greater Dayton Region

Epilepsy Foundation Ohio Serves More than 126,000 People with Epilepsy, and their Families, in the State

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

DAYTON, Ohio —The Epilepsy Foundation today announced the launch of Epilepsy Foundation Ohio to serve people with epilepsy and their families throughout the entire state. Since 1974, 11 counties in western Ohio were part of the Epilepsy Foundation Greater Dayton Region, known previously as Epilepsy Foundation of Western Ohio. The expansion adds to the Foundation’s existing presence offering epilepsy information and education, as well as programs and services, for those affected by epilepsy statewide.

“It is exciting to see our Ohio chapter extend its reach beyond western Ohio,” said Roger Heldman, chief executive officer at H-M Company Commercial Laundry Equipment, and treasurer of the Board of Directors of the Epilepsy Foundation. “We believe our community of people with epilepsy, their families, and the general public will be better served by this expansion. We are committed to work with the local staff and board in Ohio to help ensure people with epilepsy have access to quality programs, services, education, and research that will help them attain seizure control.”

Epilepsy Foundation Ohio is led by Pamela Jacques MS, CPW, CHES, who has served as executive director of Epilepsy Foundation Greater Dayton Region for a little more than a year. Under her direction, the Foundation recently raised more than $151,000 at its 28th annual Mud Volleyball fundraiser to fund programs and services in the community.

“We are excited about the launch of Epilepsy Foundation Ohio which allows us to reach and assist more people in the state,” said Stephanie Knox, President of the Board of Epilepsy Foundation Ohio. “Our board will look at the needs and identify opportunities that will have greater impact on our epilepsy community in Ohio.”

More than 126,000 people in Ohio live with epilepsy. Heldman himself lived with epilepsy for most of his childhood and teen years. A Cincinnati resident for more than 50 years, he began experiencing seizures at a young age and was able to successfully control them with medication. Today, he is seizure free and actively working with the Epilepsy Foundation to support its mission.

Epilepsy Foundation Ohio provides a variety of programs and services throughout Ohio at no cost, including:

  • Supportive care for families, including “Kid’s Crew,” which is designed to support children affected by epilepsy
  • Facebook support groups for adults and parents
  • A bereavement support group for those who lost a loved one from epilepsy
  • The Epilepsy Foundation My Seizure Diary, a free, online self-management tool

For more information about Epilepsy Foundation Ohio or to request a free packet with information about epilepsy and a post-it notepad, visit ohioepilepsy.org or call 800-360-3296.

About Epilepsy
According to the World Health Organization, epilepsy is the most common serious brain disorder worldwide with no age, racial, social class, national or geographic boundaries. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) estimates that 3.4 million people in the United States are affected by epilepsy. It is the underlying tendency of the brain to produce seizures which are sudden abnormal bursts of electrical energy that disrupt brain functions.

About the Epilepsy Foundation Ohio
Since 1974, the Epilepsy Foundation Western Ohio has served people in Ohio affected by epilepsy with programs, services, advocacy and awareness activities. It serves more than 126,000 people in Ohio and their families who live with epilepsy every day. To learn more about the chapter, visit ohioepilepsy.org or call us at 800-360-3296. Follow us on Facebook at facebook.com/ohioepilepsy.

About the Epilepsy Foundation
With a network of 50 local partners throughout the United States, the Foundation connects people to treatment, support and resources; leads advocacy efforts; funds innovative research and the training of specialists; and educates the public about epilepsy and seizure first aid. For more than five decades, the Epilepsy Foundation has shone a light on epilepsy to promote awareness and understanding, and to advocate for laws that matter to people with epilepsy, while also funding $65 million for epilepsy research and supporting 3,076 epilepsy investigators and specialists in their early careers. Over the past 17 years, in partnership with the CDC, the Epilepsy Foundation has helped to improve access to care for people with epilepsy, expanded its digital reach and online resources in homes across the country, and trained more than 500,000 school and community personnel in how to recognize seizures and administer Seizure First Aid. The Foundation has also assisted more than 108,000 people through its 24/7 Helpline in the past five years, and continues to focus on innovation, new therapies, community services, advocacy and education as key priorities. To learn more visit epilepsy.com or call 800-332-1000. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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Our Mission

The mission of the Epilepsy Foundation is to lead the fight to overcome the challenges of living with epilepsy and to accelerate therapies to stop seizures, find cures, and save lives.

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