VIDEO: Mother of Child Living with Severe Epilepsy Meets Creators of Life Changing Device

UPDATE (7-12-14 at 12:29 am ET): We just passed our $90,000 goal for the SAMi Indiegogo Campaign. THANK YOU to all our contributors who have helped us fund the next stage in this exciting new innovation for families of children living with difficult seizures. We are very proud to be supporting a community of dedicated families and friends who share the Epilepsy Foundation's passion and commitment. The Foundation is your unwavering ally to help bring new therapies and innovations to people living with epilepsy and seizures in a timeframe that matters. Please continue to visit for more updates on SAMi and other innovations to help our community. Once again, THANK YOU!!

SAMi Sleep Activity Monitor Helps Provide Safety and More Control to Families Living with Epilepsy and Seizures. Epilepsy Foundation Indiegogo Campaign, Ending July 11th, Will Make SAMi More Accessible.
Monday, July 7, 2014


LANDOVER, MD - The Epilepsy Foundation released a video today uniting the mother of a child with epilepsy with the makers of a sleep activity monitoring device that helped her and her family gain more control in being able to respond if her child has potentially dangerous seizures at night.

Anna Burriesci’s daughter Grace, age 2, was diagnosed with Dravet Syndrome, a severe form of epilepsy, a few days after her first birthday in April, 2013. Grace has potentially dangerous seizures while she sleeps. The Burrieschis received the sleep activity monitor, called SAMi, as a gift from the Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado.

Charles and Cynthia Anderson, who have a son, James, living with epilepsy, are the creators of the SAMi device, which won the Epilepsy Foundation’s 2012 Shark Tank Award for most innovative new idea to help people living with epilepsy.


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The Epilepsy Foundation’s first Indiegogo campaign ( will help build a more streamlined version of the SAMi device and make it more accessible to the larger epilepsy community.

“Only a parent of a child with epilepsy can truly understand the worry that you have,” Anna said. After talking about the immediate benefits the family is seeing using SAMi, Anna added, “SAMi will help us in the future as Grace gets older and wants to be independent. I know she won’t want to sleep with mom every night. I feel I will be using SAMi for a long time. It is just an amazing tool.”

“We know what [Anna’s] feeling,” said Cynthia Anderson. “We understand the panic of thinking you won’t be there at the right time… that your child will need you when you won’t be there. When we first created SAMi, we thought our son and our situation was unique, but we found out we were not alone.  Charles developed the SAMi monitor because I wasn’t sleeping and James’ seizures were worsening.”

Participants in the video presentation include:

  • Gail Pundsack, executive director of the Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado
  • Anna Burriesci, mother of a child living with epilepsy and user of the SAMi Device
  • Cynthia Anderson, mother of a son living with epilepsy and co-creator of SAMi
  • Charles Anderson, father of a son living with epilepsy and co-creator of SAMi
  • Kenneth Lowenberg, vice president of communications and digital strategy of the Epilepsy Foundation, moderated the discussion.
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UPDATE: As of mid-afternoon on July 10, 2014, 16 Epilepsy Foundation Affiliates have supported the SAMi campaign by donating $399 each. We thank them for being indiegogo campaign supporters for new innovations.

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