Does anyone else's family ever let them down??

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Today was a support group barbeque.I was planning to go. My daughter was going to come just so I wouldn't be alone. I have never been and was nervous. She changed her mind. I had a hard time, but was going to go anyway. My husband was going to leave work early to drive me. The time came and went. He didn't show up. An hour after I was ready he calls from the grocery store, asking if I want anything. I swore at him and hung up. As I write this I realize that he lied to me. He bought some stuff and came home.

any help please?

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hi, i'm 17 and i've been reading up on epilepsy and everything. i'm not sure what i have, and i was hoping maybe someone could help... i get this thing, usually when i'm about to fall asleep, or when i'm sleep deprived. it doesnt necessarily happen at those times though. its when my whole body starts shaking really violently, usually throwing me out of bed. i stay fully conscious during it, but cannot control it.. i can hear everything around me and see everything, though i'm shaking too much to be able to make stuff out. when this stops, i end up just lying there paralysed.


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My boy just phoned me and said "what to you think about when you have a seizure?", i told him i'll tell him when i see him in a few weeks. Now i have no idea, does any of you guys know?

Do we think in our seizures?

Epilepsy and Multiple Sclerosis

Submitted by web-site-admin on Tue, 11/23/2004 - 12:00

I am 37 years old and have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis sinc 2001. I have been having seizure off and on for over a decade. I was recently told that I have two type of seizures, epileptic and non-epileptic. The later are specifically related to the scaring on my brain caused by the MS. I am looking to more information about this combination or either situation.

does any one with TLE have hormone problems? men?

Submitted by web-site-admin on Tue, 11/23/2004 - 00:28
i've hear alot of people with TLE also have problems with hormone imbalance, like low testosterone/ androgen that cause problems like infertility, low sperm counts. has anyone been treated for TLE related fertility problems, if so how was it treated? My husband has TLE and is have hormone problems but won't go to the doc for them. so may be if i can give him an idea of how it might be treated he won't be scared to go.
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