Talk About It

This April we were thrilled to bring a new, exciting feature to the National Walk for Epilepsy:

the Talk About It Experience!
Chatty Patty interviews Allison at the Talk About It Experience

Participants walked a red carpet where they were greeted by a volunteer reporter, Chatty Patty, for an on-camera interview about their experience at the #EpilepsyWalk. Find a compilation of those interviews on Facebook.

After adoring family, friends, fans, and paparazzi snapped a few photos, participants entered the studio tent. There they were invited to make their own video and open up about how epilepsy has impacted their life by answering one of the following six questions.

Follow the links below to watch the Talk About It Experience videos.

Amanda's Talk About It Experience Video
  1. #Family: How does epilepsy affect your family?
  2. #Dreams: What is your dream for your future?
  3. #Dare: How do you dare to defy seizures?
  4. #Manage: What’s your best tip for seizure management?
  5. #Talk: How do you start a conversation about epilepsy?
  6. #Why: Why should people talk about it?

The Talk About It Experience was made possible through the generous support of Sunovion.


We thank everyone who participated in the Talk About It Experience! Visit for more information about seizures and epilepsy.