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As we look to the future of seizure forecasting devices, we want your opinion about what device would work for you. Specifically, we want to know about your experiences with seizures, your input on seizure forecasting, and your opinion about whether a seizure forecasting device would be meaningful to you.
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Epilepsy Foundation Research Quarterly 2017 Archives:

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Epilepsy Research in the News

  • In 2015, partnered with the journal Epilepsy & Behavior to get access to newly released journal articles. Our editors select 2 research articles a month, and summarize them for the community.  Click here to learn about the latest research.   

Results of Epilepsy Foundation Research Surveys

Epilepsy Foundation Research Publications in 2017


Epilepsy Foundation Epilepsy & Behavior Research Editorials in 2017  

Innovative Approachs to Epilepsy Research

  • "Progress in science emerges in two ways; in incremental steps through experiments that build a solid foundation of knowledge, and in innovative breakthroughs that dramatically redefine the scientific landscape. Both approaches are needed, and progress emerges when a healthy dynamic exists between the two." Read more »


People with Epilepsy as Partners in Research

  • "There is a transformation underway in the research ecosystem; the advent of patient engagement in determining the focus, design, and conduct of research studies and dissemination of their results. This means that the roles of patients and caregivers are changing from research "subjects" to research partners." Read more »


Epilepsy Matters: A Research Roundtable for Epilepsy

  • "The Research Roundtable in Epilepsy (RRE) is a new endeavor of the Epilepsy Foundation that is designed to bring together industry, academic, and regulatory partners to discuss solutions to current regulatory issues in developing new therapies for the epilepsies."  Read more »


2017 Research Staff Blog Highlights:

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Launch of Ei2