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Nadia's Story

Nadia Green Monster

Nadia is 10 years old and was diagnosed with simple partial (focal aware) seizures when she was 9. She likes swimming, drawing, doing Girls On The Run, Girl Scouts, and going to Awana at her church.

Nadia’s mom also has epilepsy and works as an EEG technician to help kids. She even does Nadia’s EEG testing which makes it better for her. Since her mom knows all about epilepsy, it has been easier because she knows what Nadia is going through. She is always there for Nadia and they get to do fun things together like painting their pumpkins purple for the Purple Pumpkin Project and going to epilepsy walks. She also can explain a lot of things to Nadia about having epilepsy that most people can’t because she has been through it before. Nadia thinks it is really good to have someone to talk to about her epilepsy. There are days when she is frustrated and talking about it calms her down. She thinks everyone should have someone they can talk to about what they are feeling.

Nadia EEG

Nadia says that being diagnosed with epilepsy has changed some things in her. Sometimes, it makes her scared but she knows she can get through anything. When she does have a seizure, she stays positive by not worrying too much, spending time with her family, praying, and cuddling with her dog, Chispita. She wants to encourage other kids out there being diagnosed. She wants them to know that epilepsy does not always need to stop them from doing the things they like to do. She still gets to do the things she loves to do but her mom is just more careful about how she does them. She makes sure Nadia gets enough sleep, her medications are on time, her head is always protected when she plays soccer, and that she’s not around flashing lights. Nadia still gets to do everything, they just think about things first now. So, “Don’t be scared, just be safe!”

Nadia Purple Pumpkin Project

Nadia also thinks that it is important to give back to the community. She has learned most people do not know a lot about epilepsy and she wants to change that. She wants other people to know that everyone is different and to understand what kids are going through. The more people know about epilepsy the more it will help them accept people with seizures. Nadia recently attended a local Chicago epilepsy walk and said it was fun to see all the people come out to support the epilepsy community. She went with her mom and her grandparents and there were a lot of people there even though it was raining. Nadia feels that it is important to help people because you never know when it is you that may need help. She also likes it because it feels good to give back!

To other kids who are living with epilepsy, Nadia would like to let them know not to worry and that everything will be okay. When she was first diagnosed, she was very scared and would pray over and over until she was calm. It got her through a lot of scary nights. She wants to tell kids to, “Find something that makes you feel secure, a light, a blanket, a bible verse, something…and it will get you through your scary times, too. Epilepsy is just another bump in the road but we are all going to do amazing things when we are all grown up!”

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Jon Scheinman
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