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Throughout the year, watch for videos from the Kids Crew. We will show you how you can create awareness, educate others in your community, and participate in events. We'll be sharing epilepsy facts, highlighting experiences at events, answering questions, and more.

The newest edition to our videos is the Kids Crew Show. During the episode, we introduce Professor Sarabell, an expert on the brain, and Kids Crew member, Will, to talk about epilepsy and the Kids Crew. Thank you to Sunovion for their support of the show.


Hailey is here to show the new themed pins you can earn when completing Kids Crew activities. When you join the Crew, you can gain confidence and give back to your community. You can complete awareness activities, educate others, share your story, participate in walks, paint pumpkins purple, and host lemonade stands. You are capable of amazing things and can make a big impact where you live.


Kids, you have the power to educate and to create epilepsy awareness with your stories. Making a video and sharing it is one of the best ways to describe an experience with epilepsy. Videos can describe a personal journey, a sibling’s, or a friend’s. Our Kids Crew members are creating awareness and changing the way people think about epilepsy. These amazing kids are advocating for themselves and the epilepsy community. In this video, Hailey, from the Kids Crew, tells her story and asks other kids to do so as well.


The Purple Pumpkin Project is a fun, creative way to spread epilepsy awareness. Get your friends together and paint your pumpkins purple. Then put them out for people to see. If someone asks why your pumpkin is purple, tell them your story or some facts about epilepsy.


At the Kids Crew, we want you to learn, use your imagination, and think creatively. We know you have unique gifts that can are very helpful when giving back to others. Join now and make a difference!


Hailey Scheinman, Chair of the Kids Crew Leadership Council, invites kids 14 and younger who have epilepsy, or have a family member or friend with epilepsy, to get involved in raising awareness and educating friends, family, and community. Fun ways to get involved include projects like Lemonade for Livy, the Purple Pumpkin Project, and local and national walks.

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