Keegan Making A Difference
Kids Making A Difference

Keegan's Story

Keegan Playing Baseball
Keegan loves to play baseball

Keegan is 9 years old and was diagnosed with epilepsy in March of 2015. He has been on several different medications to control his seizures but has an amazing attitude about it. Keegan loves to play baseball and has been doing so since he was 3 years old. He usually plays 1st base, but when he turned 8, he became a pitcher and recently pitched a No Hitter! He also likes to play basketball. His dad coaches high school basketball and Keegan has been dribbling since he could walk. Keegan also loves to read, especially Greek mythology, and watches documentaries about history and science.

Keegan Getting EEG
EEG Testing

Since most of Keegan’s seizures happen at night, he was never allowed to sleep on the top bunk of his bunk bed. The first time his friends saw him have a seizure was at a school dance. The strobe lights triggered it. But he never felt bad about himself because he had a very sweet friend, Maggie, who had diabetes. To Keegan, her problems always seemed much worse. They were in the same class together in 2nd grade and they helped each other. They would talk about what was upsetting them and making them sick. Unfortunately, Keegan’s friend passed away at the end of 2nd grade due to her diabetes. They were “Battle Buddies” with their illnesses and that was super hard for him. After Maggie passed away, her mom gave Keegan Maggie’s favorite book and stuffed animal. Every time he had to go to the hospital for his seizures, he took her things with him, like she was still fighting beside him.

In addition to Keegan’s friend Maggie, he has a great group of friends and they accept him for who he is. No one teases him about seizures and they have learned a lot about what to do if they see him have a seizure. He has made new friends through the Epilepsy Foundation in Iowa. He loves meeting other kids who are going through something similar. It is a great way for him to know that he is not alone.

Keegan with Congressman
Keegan with State Legislator

Instead of letting epilepsy get him down all the time, Keegan decided that he would teach everyone he knows about epilepsy and what his experience is like. Ever since he was diagnosed, Keegan’s parents have taken him to the capitol in Iowa so he could talk to legislators, see the governor, and explain how epilepsy has affected his life. He thinks it is very important that they see someone who has epilepsy and hear his story. Keegan has also participated in the Purple Pumpkin Project, spread awareness in his community, and attended his local Epilepsy Foundation walk. His team’s name is Super Keegs Fights the E!

Keegan with Mascots
Having fun with mascots

Keegan has some other information he would like to share. He says that if you are ever scared that epilepsy may stop you from doing the things you like, find a best friend who will help you when you have a seizure and not let people tease you. It was hard for Keegan to get up and share his story at first. He said, “I want them to understand what I was going through, so that motivated me to talk to my class and different teams I played on.” Keegan believes it is important for others to learn about epilepsy because when someone is having a seizure, they need help. They need a partner, someone who knows how to take care of them. He has hope that one day, others will not have to deal with seizures. He wants kids to create epilepsy awareness so, “Maybe, when I am old, we won’t have epilepsy. It can be cured!”