Grace and Hope Making A Difference
Kids Making A Difference

Grace and Hope's Story

Grace Creating Awareness
Grace's purple hair for awareness

Grace is 14 years old and was diagnosed with epilepsy when she was three. Her favorite color is purple and she likes to do art. She is creative and makes new things from old things. She loves owls and snuggling with her dog Fiona.

Over the years, Grace's seizures have limited some of the things she could do. Her seizures are still uncontrolled and she wears out very easily. She has to rest a lot. But to get through the hard times, she smiles and tells herself that everything will be okay. She receives a lot of support from both her family and her friends. They have helped her through the toughest times and they give her peace.

Hope at Parade
Hope spreading awareness

Grace’s 11-year-old sister, Hope, is also in the Kids Crew and helps Grace when she is having a hard day. She encourages Grace to focus on good things and to try and do something fun when she is having a bad day. Hope says that epilepsy has caused a lot of stress for her family but it has also been a way for her family to travel, meet new people, and to make a diference in their community. It was hard at first when she saw Grace receiving a lot of attention because of her seizures but once she understood why, she got used to it.

Hope at Leomade for Livy
Hope at Lemonade for Livy

Both girls are actively creating awareness in their community and have become advocates for people living with epilepsy. They have participated in local epilepsy walks and Lemonade for Livy. They helped a family impacted by epilepsy who recently lost a family member. They brought the family meals and school supplies. Grace colored her hair purple to create awareness so people would ask about it, and Hope sang a song at a school performance. She dedicated it to her sister and all those living with seizures.

Grace and Hope at Camp
Grace and Hope at camp

Grace and Hope think it is important to create epilepsy awareness in the community because the more awareness that is spread, the less afraid people will be of a seizure when they see one. Through awareness and education, people learn that there is more than one type of seizure and also what to do if they see someone having a seizure. Many in the community have epilepsy but a lot of people still don't know what to do to help a person who has a seizure, especially at school. Grace believes that when kids know more, there are less chances for bullying to take place.

Grace at Lemonade for Livy

To other kids who have epilepsy, Grace wants you to know, "Maybe you will have limits but don't give up. Try and do what you can. Just remember there is always good to come out of bad. People with epilepsy are no dierent than anybody else." Hope also has a message. For other siblings of those living with epilepsy, she says, “Try to be patient, listen, and understand.” When asked why it's important for kids to create epilepsy awareness, Hope says, "We are the next generation. We need to be the ones taking a stand!"