Gabe Making A Difference
Kids Making A Difference

Gabe's Story


Gabriel is 8 years old and was diagnosed with epilepsy when he was 6 months old. Gabe loves to play with toys that have music, lights, and vibrations. He also enjoys his little sister, Grace, who is a Kids Crew member as well. He loves her snuggles. Gabe’s special talent is that he is known as the “Switch King” at school! He loves pushing switches to make objects move and tries his best to use them to make choices. Gabe’s mom wants people to know that Gabe is a person just like them. He may not speak, he may not walk, he may not fully understand everything that a child his age would typically get, but he’s still a person and he’s usually a very happy boy. His parents do all they can to make his life enjoyable. They feel blessed to have him as their son.

Gabe and Grace
Grace and Gabe

Gabe’s mom and dad call him their “miracle child.” He has a type of epilepsy called Lennox-Gastaut syndrome. Gabe tends to have the most seizures early in the morning as he is waking up and later in the evening when he is tired and falling asleep. Even though Gabe has a really hard time, he always finds a way to smile. It is very difficult and emotional for his parents to see him having so many seizures. They are constantly on “high alert.” Someone has to be with Gabe at all times to make sure he is okay. But anyone who is with Gabe is really lucky because he has one of the best spirits a child could have!

Gabe and the Purple Pumpkin Project
Purple Pumpkin Project

Gabe has been a proud member of the Kids Crew since the beginning. He is a part of Lemonade for Livy each year and has painted pumpkins purple for the Purple Pumpkin Project. He has helped to educate others and to spread epilepsy awareness. Gabe’s family thinks other families should know about epilepsy, too. It’s a good idea to tell people that not all seizures look the same and that there are many different types. They also believe that it is important to know first aid so you can help someone else having a seizure.

Gabe and Mom
Gabe and his mom Brandi

Gabe’s mom has a special message for the Kids Crew. She says, “You are our future! You can learn and educate others. You are the voice that my son Gabe doesn’t have. You are heroes! I’d like to tell any child going through epilepsy...stay strong and know you have people fighting for you and a cure!”