Chase Presenting
Kids Making A Difference

Chase's Story

Chase was diagnosed with epilepsy shortly after his 3rd birthday when he started complaining of his face "tingling". Eventually, his seizure activity grew to partial complex seizures which occurred more than 20 times a day. Years later after many different Medicines and a VNS implant he is doing much better but still has a seizure most nights while sleeping. Beyond that, he is a normal growing boy that likes to play basketball, do karate, and draw.

Chase Radio Interview

Chase recognized that very few people realize how many are affected by epilepsy so he wanted to raise awareness through education and fundraising. He has now presented several times to large groups of kids to teach them about epilepsy and has also held a Hoop-A-Thon fundraiser to raise money for kids to go to camp. Chase has appeared on TV and has done radio interviews to talk about epilepsy and promote his event.

Chase Hoop A Thon

Chase believes it is important to educate others about epilepsy because people need to know what to do when someone has a seizure. When he first presented in front of kids, he was very nervous, and he was even crying a little bit. But he didn’t let it stop him. He now knows how tough it can be to get up in front of a lot of people the first time but the more he does it, the easier it gets. His advice to other kids who want to do the same is to, “never give up and keep trying!”


Chase’s Hoop-A-Thon was a success! It was a lot of work but he knows how important it was. Many kids with seizures are not able to attend a typical summer camp so Chase wanted to make sure that those with epilepsy have a chance to attend camp, too. When asked why he wanted to make a difference and to give back, Chase commented, “Because if we all try to do something great and to help others, we will live in a safe and happy place. And who doesn’t want that?