Anders Making A Difference
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Anders' Story

Anders Having Fun

Anders was diagnosed with epilepsy in June 2016, almost 5 years after his first seizure. It wasn’t easy to get enough information to help the doctors figure out what was going on. Anders started taking medicine after the doctor told him he has epilepsy and he has been lucky. The first medication he tried has worked!

Anders Playing Hockey

Anders is not letting epilepsy stop him from doing the things he loves. He plays soccer, hockey, basketball, and rides his bike. He is active outside and enjoys building forts and catching crayfish in a nearby creek. He still does everything he wants to do. Before he started taking his medicine, he had tingling in his head and in his legs and he said, “My brain would feel funny sometimes.” Since starting his medicine, he feels better because it is helping him.

Anders with Family

Now, Anders is teaching others about epilepsy. He wants kids to find out more so they know what a seizure looks like and can help if someone has one. He educated his class and they really liked it! They asked him questions and said he did a great job. The kids were really interested in the pictures of him wearing his EEG and they thought the EEG printout was cool. He also said that for other kids who may be nervous about teaching their class, “It's okay. You might get a lot of questions and comments but they're easy to answer. It made me feel better to tell my friends I had epilepsy. It was okay with them. Everything is still the same.”

Anders believes that supporting his community is important because it helps others. In a couple months, he is attending a local epilepsy walk at a zoo and says, “It’s neat to be around people like me who have epilepsy. I'm looking forward to the walk in June!” Anders also made a video to show people what it is like to have epilepsy. He wants other kids to know that, “You can still have fun even if you have epilepsy!”