Thank you for choosing the Epilepsy Foundation (EF) as the recipient of your fundraising event!  Choose Your Own (CYO) Event fundraising allows our Athletes vs. Epilepsy to participate in a variety of events while raising funds to assist our many programs and services that benefit individuals with epilepsy, their families and their caregivers.


Please complete and sign the Epilepsy Foundation’s CYO Event Application and Agreement form.  You will receive confirmation that we have received your CYO Event Application followed by instructions for setting up your own fundraising page.  

Donation of Proceeds 

Donations from your CYO fundraiser may be collected and submitted in two ways:

  • Check(s) donations can be made by writing a check directly to the Epilepsy Foundation with your name in the memo line to the Epilepsy Foundation, ATT: Athletes vs. Epilepsy CYO, 3540 Crain Highway, Suite 675, Bowie, MD  20716. Please send within 10 days of the event.  EF will provide a single acknowledgement to you for the event proceeds. 
  • Credit or Debit Card donations are accepted via the online fundraising tool.  Steps for setting up your fundraising page will be emailed to you after your event has been approved.


Our hope is that you kep your expenses to a minimum in order to maximize the funds raised to asist our many programs and services that benefit individuals with epilepsy.  Athletes vs. Epilepsy and the Epilepsy Foundation is unable to cover expenses. Athletes vs. Epilepsy and the Epilepsy Foundation will not assume any legal or financial liability associated with the CYO event. Organizers of the event cannot use the Epilepsy Foundation’s tax exemption, name and/or logo in conjunction with the event without prior authorization

Athletes vs Epilepsy Guide to Fundraising

It’s time to fundraise! But how do you start?  We have provided a downloadable document to assist you in planning your work and working your plan!  


Please contact AvE@efa.org if you have additional questions.