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24/7 Toll-Free Helpline: 1-800-332-1000



Research and new Therapies

Teen Speak Up! and Public Policy Institute - Washington, DC

Kids Crew & Local Kids Crew events             

Epilepsy Conference & Educational Webinars        

Wellness Institute

Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP) Institute

Awareness Activities (Purple Pumpkin Project, Lemonade for Livy, Health Fairs)

Local information, resources and referrals      

Federal Advocacy  

Personalized Advocacy - helping people advocate for themselves      

Support Groups

Studio e: The Epilepsy Art Therapy Program


Transportation Services 

Are you or a loved one unable to drive due to the challenges of epilepsy and seizures? Looking to find a way to get around in your area? This Services Directory is a great statewide resource to assist in getting people with disabilities transportation to work, doctor's appointments, social events, and more. There are also programs included that provide transportation for those with disabilities who have no other means of accessing necessary specialized services and activities.

Let's get going!

UTA (Utah Transit Authority) also provides accessibility for those with disabilities, along with reduced fare for qualified people with disabilities. 

Apply for UTA Reduced Fare Card

Learn more about UTA and TRAX

Trying to figure out a ride to your doctor's appointment? LogistiCare Transportation can help you out! AND it's quite simple:

Book: Members, families, social workers, and health care professionals all book rides via the online registration portal or call centers. LogistiCare ensures eligibility and schedules the most appropriate transportation provider to meet their needs.

Ride: Drivers pick up members at their homes, take them to their appointments, and bring them home in a timely manner. If that ride doesn't happen to the member's satisfaction, we care, and will assign a staff member to help. More often than not, drivers go above and beyond their call of duty. 

Check out LogistiCare Transportation!