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At the Epilepsy Foundation SETN we are committed to helping people in Southeast Tennessee and Northwest Georgia affected by seizures and epilepsy.  We recognize that a diagnosis of epilepsy is life-changing, and our mission is to raise awareness, reduce stigma, and provide resources to help build a network of support for those impacted by epilepsy as they navigate their journey.   At the EFSETN we accomplish our mission through five primary programs:  Epilepsy Education and Seizure First Aid, Art Therapy, Helmet Awareness, Support Groups, and Prescription, Neurology, and Transportation Assistance (Epilepsy Assistance Program). All of these support services are free to the community and help to build community and bridge the gap. 


Our vision at the Epilepsy Foundation is for every person impacted by epilepsy to be empowered and supported to live a full and happy life.  Our youth experience this by coming to a safe and inclusive art class where they are able to freely express themselves without judgment and stigma.  Our adults experience this through our weekly coffee meet-ups and monthly support groups.  The fulfilling result of these support programs has been the steady growth of our community. 


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Not only are we able to provide support by way of Studio E and community support groups, but we are also able to provide financial support for medications, neurology appointments, and transportation via Uber.  2020 to 2022  have proven to impact those in our community greatly, and these financial supports have allowed them to breathe easier.  <strong>In the upcoming year we will continue to provide these free services so that we can make it easier for someone with epilepsy to thrive.  Help us by supporting our mission and vision and consider making your donation today. </strong>
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P.O. Box 4782, Chattanooga, TN 37405

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