for teens only

Being a teenager is an adventure. From driving to dating, sports to activities, and homework to that first job, teenagers face big challenges.

Teens with epilepsy (a seizure disorder) face other big challenges, too. Like explaining seizures to other people. Wondering how their friends are going to react. Never knowing when the next seizure is going to happen.

Other teens may not know about epilepsy. And that can be a problem. Seizures can look strange sometimes - that can be a problem, too. Teens don't want to be different, but sometimes there are differences that others have to deal with - and respect.

Most of all, teens with epilepsy want to be treated just like anyone else. They want a chance - just like anyone else - to follow their dreams.

And, just like anyone else, they're entitled to respect.

Here are some resources designed specifically for teens:

Visit our support groups page for information on our teens only support group, Teen To Teen.  

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