Each year, the Epilepsy Foundation of Northeastern New York puts out a call for nominations for our Winning Kid. The EFNENY Winning Kid is a child living with epilepsy who has a positive attitude, strong character, courage and the ability to overcome seizure-related barriers. The Winning Kid is a reminder to a child living with epilepsy that they are not alone.

Interested in nominating a child?  To be considered for "Winning Kid," a child must be between the ages of 6 and 11, have an epilepsy diagnosis, and currently be receiving treatment.  Nominations must be received no later than November 30th.  View and print the brochure below to apply or call the office at (518) 456-7501 for an application.  

2020 Winning Kids

Sophia Olsiewski










Sophia is the daughter of Melissa Logan and James Olsiewski, she has an older brother Caileb. Sophia is in the second grade at Westmere Elementary school. Sophia loves school and she is always looking out for her friends and even people she doesn’t know. Sophia often puts her needs aside to help others. Sophia has a rare epilepsy syndrome called Sun Flower Syndrome. This Syndrome makes Sophia extremely sensitive to sunlight and other lights. This is difficult because her favorite things to do are to play outside, take hikes, ride her bike and play nerf gun wars. Sophia has become a warrior and advocates for herself. Sophia tries her best to explain Sun Flower Syndrome to others to raise awareness. For the past two years, Sophia, her family and friends have participated in the Walk to END EPILEPSY® and their team has been one of the four highest fundraisers which she is so proud of.

Giovanna LaBate










Giovanni  is the son of Krystan and Robert LaBate. He has a younger sister Gabriella. Giovanni is a first grader at Division Street School in Saratoga. Giovanni loves school. Since he was in pre-school, he gets up in front of his class every year and talks about what his seizure alert dog, Roslin, does for him and also talks about his epilepsy. Giovanni was diagnosed with Epilepsy in October of 2013. At the age of 5 Giovanni spoke to a group of local Boy Scouts about his epilepsy, and at the age of 6 he spoke to NewsChannel 13 about his epilepsy and how it effects him. Giovanni has embraced his diagnosis and refuses to let it get in the way of living his life. Giovanni is a wonderful dancer and is on a competitive dance team through Spa City Dance. Giovanni also loves to cook and helps his mom in the kitchen.