professional/adult education

Our Professional In-service Education Program teaches professionals how to recognize and provide appropriate first aid for seizures. It dispels myths surrounding epilepsy in order to mitigate the fear and misunderstanding that often surrounds this condition and that may have negative social, emotional, and professional consequences for individuals with epilepsy.

There is a nominal fee of $75.00 for adult in-service programs; however, we would never deny a service based on the inability to pay and the fee can be waived. 


Taught to hundreds of professionals annually, this program can be tailored to a range of audiences. This program is designed to provide organizations with the knowledge they need to promote a positive environment for their colleagues that live with epilepsy. This ensures that individuals with epilepsy are supported, and those who work with them feel confident in their ability to provide that support. 

School Personnel - sponsored by Hannaford Supermarkets
Many thanks to Hannaford Supermarkets for signing on as our Northeastern New York School Education Program Sponsor!  This sponsorship was made by Hannaford at the request of Vic Peteani, a long-time employee of Hannaford, in honor of his son, Seth Peteani, who has lived with epilepsy his entire life.  Hannaford's support of this program offsets the expenses incurred by the Epilepsy Foundation which enables the schools to receive free training.

Teachers and other staff play an especially critical role in the school experience of children with epilepsy, as classroom personnel are often the first to notice the signs and symptoms of a seizure disorder. They are in a unique position to observe the progress of treatment, and to identify and address the behavioral and learning issues that effect some children with seizures.

Students who experience seizure activity while they are at school are at risk for social isolation and poor self-esteem, and their seizures and side-effects of medications can profoundly and negatively impact their academic performance. Our educational programs cover basic epilepsy and seizure 101 information, recognizing common seizures types, providing seizure first aid, knowing when a seizure is an emergency, and how to be supportive of students in the classroom who live with epilepsy.

Managing Students with Seizures: A Training for School Nurses

This program is designed to provide the school nurse with information, strategies and resources that will enable him/her to better manage the student with seizures.

Check our events page for dates for our annual in person training. 

Childcare Personnel 

Our educational programs cover basic epilepsy and seizure 101 information, recognizing common seizures types, providing seizure first aid, knowing when a seizure is an emergency, and how to care for children and infants with epilepsy.

First Responders 

The in-service for EMS/Law Enforcement training program teaches our first responders how to accurately identify seizure activity and respond appropriately when they encounter an individual with epilepsy or in the midst of a seizure. 

Caring for Seniors 

Our Seniors and Seizures Program teaches caregivers and day program staff to recognize possible seizure activity that can often be miscontrued or mistaken for other effects of aging or symptoms of dementia. 

Public Education 

Our staff is available to set up a display, offer a presentation and distribute relevant literature for health fairs, public information meetings or even individual family groups upon request. 

We are always actively scheduling programs. Please contact our Health Educator to schedule an in-service or to request information about our programs or other services.

Erica DeNicola-Scher, MS
Health Educator
(518) 456-7501