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National Epilepsy Awareness Month Webinars


Recorded Webinars:

Women With Epilepsy  │  Marianna Spanaki-Varelas, MD of Albany Medical Center Neurology Group

SUMMARY: Although epilepsy affects women and men equally, female hormones impact seizures differently at various stages of a woman’s life from puberty to menopause. Topics include: (1) catamenial epilepsy; (2) bone health and preventing osteoporosis; (3) becoming active participants in your care; (4) planning a pregnancy; (5) best practices for epilepsy treatment during pregnancy; and (6) breastfeeding and newborn safety.


Safety in Patients with Seizures │  John Pugh, MD, PhD, Albany Medical Center Pediatric Neurology

SUMMARY: There are unique safety risks that accompany an epilepsy diagnosis, and it is important for those diagnosed with epilepsy and caregivers to be knowledgeable on ways to reduce these risks. Topics include: (1) preventing seizures; (2) precautions for individuals with epilepsy; (3) sleep-related precautions; and (4) what to do when a seizure occurs.