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Welcome to the Epilepsy Foundation's online donation page. Help fight for important causes - around Northeastern New York as well as nationally - which will bring help and hope to millions of people affected by epilepsy.

Family and caregivers

How to Donate:

How YOUR Donation Will Make a Critical Difference: 

  • You enable us to increase the quality of life for people with epilepsy through our many services.
  • You allow us to educate people with epilepsy, their loved ones, and the public about the disorder.
  • You empower us to be a vigorous advocate for people with epilepsy, focusing on affordable health care and the protection of civil rights.
  • You help us make progress toward a cure through our research efforts.



Thank you to our current donors during the giving period of December 2019 - November 2020.  Your generosity is greatly appreciated!  We are honored to recognize our donors below.

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