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Welcome to the Epilepsy Foundation's online donation page. Help fight for important causes - around Northeastern New York as well as nationally - which will bring help and hope to millions of people affected by epilepsy.

Family and caregivers

How to Donate:

How YOUR Donation Will Make a Critical Difference: 

  • You enable us to increase the quality of life for people with epilepsy through our many services.
  • You allow us to educate people with epilepsy, their loved ones, and the public about the disorder.
  • You empower us to be a vigorous advocate for people with epilepsy, focusing on affordable health care and the protection of civil rights.
  • You help us make progress toward a cure through our research efforts.


Donations received in 2018 have helped us provide programs and services to thousands of individuals throughout northeastern New York.  Check out our service stats for 2018: 

  • We have responded to nearly 440 requests for information about epilepsy and seizures
  • Service coordination was provided to 251 families
  • Camp scholarships were awarded to 24 children with epilepsy, totaling over $5,400
  • Seizure Recognition and first aid training was presented to over 1,800 professionals
  • Our School Alert program has educated over 1,300 students
  • College scholarships totaling $2,000 have been awarded, and
  • 52 consumers benefitted from our counseling program

Thank you!