Get Seizure Smart! 

The Epilepsy Foundation of Nevada offers free trainings for places of employment. This is a 1 hour class for you to learn the basic information about seizures and what to do in case a co-worker has one. 1 in 10 people will have a seizure at some point in their life time, so be prepared!  Please request your free training today by emailing:

Studio E  Art Therapy Program

Studio e

Studio E offers group art therapy sessions for Adults, Teens, and Children with epilepsy, allowing them to explore their creativity, meet others with epilepsy and express themselves in an open, accepting and safe group setting. Art is a natural way to communicate, relieve tension and express emotions. During the program, participants work with licensed art therapists using a variety of artistic media, including painting, sketching and sculpting. Because some things are easier to “say” through art, Studio E provides people impacted by epilepsy a unique opportunity to express themselves and open up about their experiences with the condition. This class is offered to those with all artistic abilities. Classes offered June-October. To get more information and to register visit:

 J. Kiffin Penry Travel Assistance Fund

When people with seizures need specialized care, it may not be available in the local area. Travel expenses for individuals and families may sometimes be a barrier to such care, especially when other medical expenses mount up. The Epilepsy Foundation offers a limited number of travel assistance grants, up to $1500 each, for people who must travel for specialized epilepsy care or testing. Penry Travel Assistance Fund.

Managing Students with Seizures

Managing Students with Seizures is a continuing education training program designed to provide the school nurse with information, strategies and resources that will enable him/her to better manage the student with seizures by supporting positive treatment outcomes, maximizing educational and developmental opportunities, and ensuring a safe and supportive environment. Nurses can earn 3.2 continuing education credits for free through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) through in person or online trainings. 

Seizure Training for School Personnel

Nevada Seizure Training

Classroom teachers, special education teachers, librarians, teacher assistants, school bus drivers, aides, and other staff members or volunteers in grads K-12 can all benefit and can receive continuing education units.

To set up free training, please email us

Epilepsy and Seizure Response for Law Enforcement

While most law enforcement and EMS personnel do an outstanding job recognizing and handling individuals experiencing seizures, in limited cases they may respond with inappropriate force to behaviors associated with seizures, interpreting undirected, involuntary and unorganized movements as aggression. The results can be fatal for the person with epilepsy, especially when dangerous restraint practices are used. The 45-minute training seeks to provide law enforcement officers with seizure recognition, correct responses to seizures and awareness of the needs of people with epilepsy who might be taken into police custody.