Erin's Embrace Project

Allison Hurt, a member of Nebraska’s Community Engagement Board, lost her daughter Erin to SUDEP in April of 2019. Along with Allison, Erin is also survived by her twin, Hayden. Their hearts are broken, however, they are dedicated to helping others in Erin’s home state of Nebraska. The Hurt family will fund an Empactica Embrace 2, a wrist-worn seizure monitor, for Nebraska families who are eligible.

To see if you, or your loved one with epilepsy qualify for this gift, please send an email to


Epilepsy Learning Portal: Check out our learning portal for a variety of educational training programs on epilepsy and Seizure First Aid.

  • Trainings currently through the portal are the portal are:
  • Seizure Recognition and First Aid Certification (Instructor Led)
  • Seizure Training for School Personnel (On Demand)
  • Seizure Training for School Nurses: Caring for Students (On Demand)


Nebraska is very involved in advocacy events within our state! We most recently worked to pass the LB 639, which is the Seizure Safe Schools Act. Click here to learn more about the passing of that bill and how it will impact the schools in Nebraska.



To stay informed and get involved with epilepsy related advocacy efforts, join our Speak Up, Speak Out Advocacy Network!


Support Groups: Currently support groups are virtual. We offer Adult support groups the 2nd Thursday each month. We also offer Parent/Caregiver and Parent/Teen support groups virtually. Email us at for this month's link to sign up. We will be restarting in-person support groups again soon and more details will be posted. Contact if you have any questions.

Kids Crew: At the Epilepsy Foundation, we believe kids can change the world! Kids Crew is a FREE program for children to experience a safe and welcoming environment, learn about seizures and epilepsy, the connect with other members, learn leadership skills they can use in their future, and participate in fun activities! Click here for the membership form.

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