Mary Wontrop  -- Executive Director

Mary Wontrop has been working on behalf of individuals with epilepsy and their families for over seventeen years. Starting with the Epilepsy Foundation of the Chesapeake Region in 2001, Mary has provided epilepsy education programs, managed volunteer programs, facilitated support groups, written successful grants, and planned multiple events for audiences ranging from children and parents to medical professionals. As Executive Director of the new Epilepsy Foundation Maryland, Mary looks forward to continuing these services and developing a stronger epilepsy advocacy presence throughout Maryland.

Mary Wontrop


Sarah Pinsker -- Program Manager

Sarah Pinsker spent twelve years working for Abilities Network & the Epilepsy Foundation of the Chesapeake Region in a variety of capacities, including epilepsy education, information and referral, event planning, epilepsy teen programming, case management, and grant administration. 



Stephanie Atkins-- Chapter Advisory Board President

Stephanie Atkins


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Sabrina Cooke

Heidi Denlinger

Lara Falcon

Camilo Gutierrez, MD

Elizabeth Holmes

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Justin Leach

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