A List of our FREE Youth Programs:

Fall Camp (October 9 - 11)  at CCK: Center for Courageous Kids   

*Due to COVID-19, summer camp sessions at CCK had to unfortunately be canceled. We are looking to see what other options are available via CCK and will update our community once we have word!*

Have you heard of CCK? We partner with CCK twice a year to provide a FREE, fun camp experience for children with epilepsy across the state. We host a Summer Camp Experience, as well as a Fall Family Weekend Camp Experience for those impacted by epilepsy. Center for Courageous Kids has many different activities to engage your child - horseback riding, swimming, rock wall climbing, archery, arts and crafts and more, all geared towards children with different diagnoses who deserve a camp experience. 

CCK has a full medical facility on site, as well as well-trained and friendly counselors and staff to keep your child/children safe while at camp, and to ensure they have fun!

Upcoming Camp Dates:  

-Fall Family Camp: October 9 - October 11 

You can learn more about CCK here.

Would you like to help us provide this experience for our wonderful campers? Donate here!

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Kids Crew Program    

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The Epilepsy Foundation created a program for youth that are impacted by epilepsy to stay involved, make friends, and find a sense of community. The Kids Crew Program is FREE and is easy to register online. Visit here to learn more and how to register! 

The Epilepsy Foundation of Indiana will have periodic events held for our Kids Crew Members. If you have any suggestions or interests in a Kids Crew Program, please email aedwards@efa.org.  

**Kids Crew Members: Join us! June 4th at 7pm EST for "Kids Crew Zoo by Zoom". This fun event gives you a chance to highlight your favorite stuffed animal or pet through Zoom with other Kids Crew Members of Indiana. This event is FREE and is for Kids Crew Members! Is your child not a part of Kids Crew? It is a free program and easy to sign up for!

If you have interest in your children attending this event AND/OR you would like to sign your child up for Kids Crew, please email aedwards@efa.org for details!**


Lemonade for Livy 

The Epilepsy Foundation has an awareness and fundraising event that is held every year in the summer time to support the epilepsy community. Not only does it raise awareness for epilepsy in the community and help support the Epilepsy Foundation, but it is a fun way for children to become involved during hot summer weather! You can make your own "Lemonade for Livy" stand the week of July 20-July 28th 2019. Visit the Epilepsy Foundation's webpage here to learn more about the program, how to host your own stand, and about Livy's story! 


Purple Pumpkin Project 

This fall, people all over the country will be hosting Purple Pumpkin Parties to raise awareness about epilepsy and support the Epilepsy Foundation's mission. Register your celebration here and receive a personal webpage to tell your story, raise funds, and spread awareness Share photos of your firends and pumpkins on all of your Facebook and Instagram accounts and ask people to donate to your webpage.

The Epilepsy Foundation of Indiana would love to work with you to host your Purple Pumpkin Project Event. If interested in hosting an event this fall, please email aedwards@efa.org to discuss details.

Teens Speak Up! Program

TSU provides an opportunity for teens with epilepsy and their parents to visit the nation's capital, receive advocacy training, meet with their legislators, and tell their personal stories. Teens from across the country are nominated by affiliates and selected by the Foundation to participate in the program.