Strategies for Success Webinars Using Technology to Communicate with your Developmentally Disabled Child

Part 1

includes information and resources from the parents and our featured speaker, Cindy Cottier. 

This webinar was recorded with the presenters only on January 11, 2012 

*Recording of Webinar Part 1

Part 2 slides (live Q & A)

Continuing with the Strategies for Success Webinar Series, parents Jennifer Bertram (Meghan's mom) and Elizabeth Aquino (Sophie's mom) share their stories of how communication programs and technology such as the iPhone and iPad have helped them communicate with their non-verbal children. Our featured speaker, Cindy Cottier, a renowned speech-language pathologist and communications specialist, provides an in-depth view of various communication tools and explains how the iPad is used as a communication tool for children and youth with epilepsy and other developmental disabilities.

  • Hear Jennifer's amazing story of Meghan using her iPhone
  • Listen with delight as Elizabeth shares how the iPad has bonded her family closer together
  • Learn from Cindy the benefits of the iPad along with applications for varied levels of communication
  • Explore other tools, techniques and apps (free and low cost) that parents can use

This webinar was recorded on February 14, 2012   

*Recording of Webinar Part 2

*Please note: we apologize for the sound.  We are in the process of modifying our sound system to ensure high quality audio in the future.

Presenter Bios

Cindy Cottier, Featured Speaker

Cynthia Cottier, M.A., M.Ed., C.C.C., is a Speech-Language Pathologist and an Augmentative Communication/Assistive Technology Specialist who has been working in the field for Augmentative Communication and Assistive Technology since 1980. She has extensive experience working directly with individuals of all ages and all disabilities. In addition, Ms. Cottier has a vast knowledge of a wide variety of state-of-the-art technology systems. Ms. Cottier is currently in private practice in Pasadena, California. She has participated in numerous projects, studies and grants to further professional knowledge and clinical guidelines for augmentative communication/assistive technology service delivery. Ms. Cottier has provided numerous presentations at state, national and international conferences, as well as conducted various workshops and seminars for training institutes and state universities. To contact Cindy visit

Jennifer Bertram, Parent

Jennifer is the owner of Epilepsy Awareness Resources LLC (est 2011). She is an occupational therapist of 20 years in which she practiced in neurology, acute rehabilitation, burns and hand/trauma. Jennifer was the parent team member with NICHQ on Epilepsy Learning Collaborative from 2004-2010.  She is also a parent expert on Wisconsin Seizure Control Network.  Jennifer is known as the epilepsy run/walk founder for Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Her activities and memberships include parent presenter for IHI Annual meeting on patient-centered care Orlando, Florida (2006); advisory board member of Children's Health System Neuroscience Department in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (2004 - present); Advisory Committee member of National Center for Project Access (NCPA) (2007-2010).  She also serves as a parent mentor for the parent-to-parent network for families of children with epilepsy.  Jennifer also writes articles on local events promoting epilepsy awareness.  Most importantly she is mom of Meghan (15 years old with epilepsy) and Lindsay (13 years old).  Jennifer is an avid advocate for her daughter Meghan to give her a voice, respect, and the best medical care and education that she deserves. To learn more, visit her website:

Elizabeth Aquino, Parent 

Elizabeth Aquino is a writer living in Los Angeles with her husband and three children. Her daughter, Sophie, is sixteen years old and has epilepsy. Since she was diagnosed at three months of age with infantile spasms, Sophie has been the inspiration for much of Elizabeth's work and life. Her writing has been published in several literary journals, The Los Angeles Times newspaper, Spirituality and Health Magazine and two anthologies: A Cup of Comfort for Parents of Children with Special Needs, and My Baby Rides the Short Bus. Elizabeth is an active board member of the Epilepsy Foundation of Los Angeles and serves on the board of Hopeful Parents. She has worked for over five years on quality improvement collaboratives for families of children with epilepsy and other special needs. She also posts regularly at her blog, a moon worn as if it had been a shell.

The information presented during this webinar is not intended as a substitute for medical advice. Please consult your physician about all clinical care and treatment decisions.

If you need assistance, please contact the Epilepsy & Seizures Helpline.

This event is funded by the Health Resources and Services Administration's Maternal and Child Health Bureau under grant # U23MC08582