Jeanne A. Carpenter Epilepsy Legal Defense Fund

Calling All Attorneys: We need your help!

People with epilepsy face discrimination and legal problems in all walks of life, usually due to myths, misperceptions, and fear of what epilepsy is and what it is not.

  • People with epilepsy have been subjected to discrimination that prevents them from participating fully in life.
  • They may face false criminal or civil charges due to misunderstandings or fear of epilepsy.
  • People with seizures who are imprisoned face mistreatment or lack of medical treatment in prisons. They have been subjected to life-threatening conditions due to poor treatment and misunderstanding of seizures.

We welcome attorneys in all areas of the law to join our Legal Defense Fund and help provide consultations and service to people with epilepsy and their families. We need lawyers who are committed to ending discrimination against people living with epilepsy.

  • By joining our network, you agree to provide up to three hours of pro bono service.
  • If appropriate, we would like our network attorneys to consider, if appropriate, providing additional services pro bono, on a sliding scale or on a contingency fee basis.

How to Join Our Network

Please register here and provide information about you and your practice. All credentials will be verified by the Epilepsy Foundation before an attorney is included in the network. You may also contact us by email at

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Help support our programs and services like the Jeanne A. Carpenter Legal Defense Fund.

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Authored By: 
Cherree Sanders MSW, LGSW
Authored Date: 
Reviewed By: 
Joseph I. Sirven MD / Patricia O. Shafer RN MN
Tuesday, August 22, 2017