Check out these videos from The Charlie Foundation about nutrition, using diet to manage seizures, types of dietary therapy, and more.

History of Dietary Therapy

Christina Bergqvist MD talks about changes over the years related to when children are referred for dietary therapy, how long people with epilepsy are staying on the diet, and new situations where the diet is being used.


Ketogenic Diet

Elaine Wirrell MD discusses when to consider ketogenic diet therapy in children.


Dr. Kossoff shares why he mentions the ketogenic diet early to families and how input from parents has shaped his medical practice.


Dietitian Zahava Turner talks about the ratios, calculations, advantages, and parents' experiences implementing the classical ketogenic and modified Atkins diets.


Dr. Kossoff talks about common side effects from the ketogenic diet and how they are treated and prevented.


Low Glycemic Index Treatment

Dr. Thiele talks about the low glycemic index treatment for seizures and epilepsy.