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The Wellness Institute promotes healthy diets and food choices. Snack bars are often promoted as a nutritious food but typically contain unhealthy ingredients. Most snack bars are high in sugar and have artificial sweeteners.

The Charlie Foundation has teamed up with Bariatrix Nutrition to create a healthy and delicious snack bar that contains only 2 grams of natural sugar and has no artificial ingredients.

This list compares the sugar content of common snack bars. The Charlie Bar is by far the lowest in sugar!

Nutri-Grain Breakfast Biscuit

  • Calories = 180
  • Grams of sugar = 26

Cliff Bar

  • Calories = 250
  • Grams of sugar = 22

Balance Bar Chocolate

  • Calories = 200
  • Grams of sugar = 18

Picky Bars 

  • Calories = 200
  • Grams of sugar = 18

The Paleo Diet Bar – Cinnamon Raisin

  • Calories = 290
  • Grams of sugar = 23

Charlie Bar Sweet & Salty

  • Calories = 230
  • Grams of sugar = 2

Ten percent of proceeds from the sale of the Charlie Bars will advance The Charlie Foundation's efforts to educate the world on diet therapies for epilepsy. Order yours today.

Happy snacking!

The Charlie Foundation

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