A Gift of Hope
A doctor's inspiring tale of working with patients and trying new treatments to find a solution to stop seizures.

SUDEP: A Doctor's Struggle
A doctor's story about sudden unexpected death in epileptic patients (SUDEP) and the challenge of talking about it with patients.

Safety First: A Nurse's Story
A nurse's experience of observing and protecting patients during seizures.

The Wisdom of Our Decisions
A neurosurgeon discusses the roller coaster of emotions that can come with seizure surgery and high-risk procedures for patients, families, and medical care teams

A Treasure Beyond Price
A physician describes his wife's seizure activity and the challenges it presents as both a doctor and a family member.

Noncompliance: Breaking the Cycle
An epileptologist's view on compliant versus noncompliant patients and external factors affecting treatment.

A Therapeutic Experience
One licensed clinical social worker shares stories of admiration and respect for epilepsy patients and their families.

Do No Harm
A neurosurgeon recalls the trials and tribulations of working through surgery outcomes with several patients.

Cultivating Compassion: One Doctor's Journey
A patient reaches her goal of independence despite complications from surgery.

Lending Support
A pediatric therapist's story of offering support and encouragement to parents and their children.