Epilepsy Foundation Staff

Epilepsy Foundation Staff, December 2015

The following committed staff leaders direct the Epilepsy Foundation's dedicated professional team who work tirelessly to stop seizures and SUDEP, find a cure, and overcome the challenges created by epilepsy through efforts including education, advocacy, and research to accelerate ideas into therapies.

  • Phil Gattone MEd
    President and Chief Executive Officer
  • Geoff Delizzio
    Chief Development Officer
  • Dr. Jacqueline French
    Chief Medical and Innovation Officer
    5 Question Interview
  • Ellen Hobby
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Diane Rubinstein
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Brandy Fureman PhD
    Vice President of Research and New Therapies
    5 Question Interview
  • Ken Lowenberg
    Vice President of Communications and Digital Strategy
  • Steve Owens MD, MPH, MA
    Vice President of Programs and Services
  • Susan Pietsch Escueta
    Vice President of Marketing
  • Laura Weidner
    Vice President of Government Affairs and Advocacy
  • Sonya Dumanis PhD
    Senior Director of Innovation
    5 Question Interview
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