What's your #DareTo?

#DareTo Live to Your Fullest Potential.

#DareTo Defy Seizures.

The Epilepsy Foundation will help you Dare! 


As a bold unwavering ally, the Epilepsy Foundation is here to help people living with seizures dare to live to their fullest potential. For people living with epilepsy, the Foundation’s new “#DareTo” campaign focuses on improving understanding and management of their seizures, including exploring the best available treatment options and best available care. The campaign underscores the Foundation’s commitment to being bold and aggressive in accelerating change for all people living with epilepsy. For the general public, #DareTo challenges people to better understand epilepsy, to know how to recognize seizures, and to learn proper first aid

“#DareTo” begins in November 2014, National Epilepsy Awareness Month, with a new public service announcement featuring Rick Harrison from TV’s “Pawn Stars.” Harrison, who lived with seizures as a child, is now a national spokesperson for the Foundation and serves on the organization’s national Board of Directors. The PSA will air on the A&E Networks, including History, home of “Pawn Stars” and other series created by Harrison.

“I had bad seizures until I was a teenager. I thought I wouldn’t have the chance to grow up. But, I dared to think differently,” says Harrison in the PSA. “My epilepsy taught me to be a fighter. When I said I wanted to make a TV series out of my pawn shop, people thought I was nuts. But, I dared to defy the odds and Pawn Stars was born. If you have epilepsy, dare to live to your fullest potential. The Epilepsy Foundation will help you dare.”


Other key campaign themes to be featured on epilepsy.com, in our social media and through our affiliate network include engaging people with epilepsy to:

  • “Dare to Understand” the options for treating epilepsy;
  • “Dare to Ask” for help if their seizures are not under control or if their quality of life is not optimal; and
  • “Dare to Reach Out” to their local Epilepsy Foundations for help and support.

We will also challenge the public to “Dare to Talk About It” to help eliminate misunderstanding about epilepsy and fear of seizures. 



Authored By: 
Kenneth Lowenberg