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Created By: Kate K. | 05/2020 | 2 Comments

Hi everyone,

Hope all of you are doing well and are staying healthy and safe.
I wanted to share my story and make a suggestion.
I live in Chicago Northwest suburbs. I had few...

Created By: ssmith090807 | 05/2020 | 2 Comments

I am hoping that I am not alone in wondering how safe will our children be once returned into a classroom setting, I have read many articles saying that epilepsy and seizures are not considered...

Created By: Wayneor92 | 05/2020 | 1 Comment

Good morning, I have posted here a couple of times and had a good response so thought I would share again.
I had a seizure on Friday 8/5/20 while in work. This is the first seizure I have...

Created By: Tehangelic1 | 05/2020 | 2 Comments

Im currently 30 and have been on a medication for my adhd since i was 11. (Concerta)

A few years back i started having werid episodes of deja vu. I would get dizzy.

When i googled...

Created By: Brenden | 05/2020 | 3 Comments

I live in easternWashington state and it can fluctuate very rapidly between cold and hot weather. One day the house will be kept warm on a cold day and cool on a hot day. Going in and out of the...

Created By: epilepsymom17 | 05/2020 | 1 Comment

My daughter has epilepsy. She is 2 and has slept with us since she was born. We have discussed transitioning her to a toddler bed, but we worry we wont know if she has a seizure. Where does your...

Created By: quida1017 | 05/2020 | 1 Comment
Created By: quida1017 | 05/2020 | 0 Comments

Sexual Abuse (Incest)
Written By: LaQuida Monea' Jackson
Dated: October 9, 2018

Sexual abuse incest takes a process of venting,healing,emotional support,overcoming,...

Created By: quida1017 | 05/2020 | 0 Comments

Living With Epilepsy
Written By: LaQuida Monea' Jackson
Dated: February 13, 2020

Living with epilepsy has been a struggle and a challenge for me.
From this affliction...

Created By: Verennes | 05/2020 | 3 Comments


after 5 years of having problems such as being exhausted, lack of coordination, sensitivity to light, difficulty concentrating and feeling pressure in my head I was finally told to...

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