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Created By: Moonriser | 05/2020 | 2 Comments

I have currently been on Keppra (750 milligrams) for 3 years now and I never had any side effects until now. A few days ago I sudden,shooting leg pain out of nowhere after I took my 6:30pm dose. I...

Created By: FloridaOlivia | 05/2020 | 1 Comment

Hi Everyone!

I have been on Depakote for generalized epilepsy since I was diagnosed at 13 years old. I am 31 now, and my husband and I would like to consider having a baby in the near...

Created By: ktee | 05/2020 | 2 Comments

Hello to everyone

As I said in my introduction; I'm French so I may make some mistake in my writing. Please be kind to me :-)

Well; I have to say I started experienced this...

Created By: ktee | 05/2020 | 0 Comments

Hello everybody

I'm catherine; a French girl and I'm happy I found this website to share with you my experiences.
I'm gonna start a discussion into the seizure adult...

Created By: quida1017 | 05/2020 | 0 Comments

I took action by speaking to congress again, this time asking them to co-sponsor the safe step act for our community.

Created By: Windart | 05/2020 | 2 Comments

Hi everyone!
I'm a 21yo old guy from Romania (well, sorry for my english)
At the age of 7 I suffered 3 grand mal seizure at few months distance (all in sleep). I received...

Created By: Torilyn356 | 05/2020 | 4 Comments

Hello everyone! I'm new here and am super thankful for this resource. I 'm 24 and I had my first episode about 3 months ago, and I've had one each month since then. The first one...

Created By: Dnedzel | 05/2020 | 8 Comments

I had my first seizure at age 60, this past April 16th, 8 months after meningioma surgery which the surgeon says went very well. He was surprised that I had a seizure, but said that the scare...

Created By: quida1017 | 05/2020 | 3 Comments

I took action and by speaking to congress and the congressman of our state of Maryland to include the disability community and the epilepsy community to the COVID19 bill and relief package because...

Created By: Savannahraye123 | 05/2020 | 2 Comments

I'm new here, and I see this forum gets lots of attention. Sunday morning 5/10/20 my husband found me having a seizure around 4am. I had taken to much insulin and dropped to 20 prompting a...

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