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Each Journey is Unique

share your eJourney with the Epilepsy Foundation

The eJourney Community Blog is an initiative that was developed by Board Members Camila Coelho and Cynthia Hudson with the goal of telling the personal stories behind the fight against epilepsy in a new way.

Camila recently shared, in a very public way, the years of challenges she faced with epilepsy. Seizures, a pursuit to find the right treatment and cultural misconceptions made her eJourney one that she ultimately believed she needed to share – bringing awareness to this terrible disease.

Similarly, Cynthia’s daughter has faced the many struggles that come with epilepsy. It motivated Cynthia to join our fight and offer her communications skills as we map out the best way to reach our community in the mission to educate, advocate and find a cure.

And now, we need your help. We need our community to raise its voice. To share the truth about this plight. The challenges and the successes that come with being strong and never giving up.

We ask that all of you take the time to share your unique journey – wherever you find yourselves in the fight. This includes family, friends caregivers and anyone with an epilepsy journey. Videos, words, photos all make this story real and can create understanding, support and outcomes that can shift the tide in the battle our community faces every day.

Please join Camila, Cynthia and many, many more in this brave act of standing up against epilepsy. The eJourney is yours, and we want to share it far and wide.


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