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My Medic Watch


Updated: 07/06/2022

Device Description

Seizure and fall alert application for smartwatch (Apple, Samsung, Android)

Company or Institution

Company - My Medic Watch Pty Ltd

Team Description

My Medic Watch has created clinically-tested apps for consumers by a diverse team of individuals with a wide range of expertise, with the aim of continuing research now and into the future.

Monitoring Categories


How is the device worn?

External Wearable

Body Placement

Smartwatch on the wrist

How is data transmitted?

The Smartwatch uses Bluetooth to connect to a smartphone and a secure https connection to transmit data to a private cloud storage platform

How is data stored?

How is data from the device stored (e.g., cloud storage)?

Cloud storage

Device Action

Alert System for Caregiver

Development Stage

HIPAA Compliant
In Clinical Trials
On Market

Development Stage Description




Looking for Collaborations


Is the device inter operable with other devices?


Does the device have a time stamping component?


Point of Contact

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