Hallway Conversations is a series of audio podcasts with thought leaders and newsmakers in the field of epilepsy on a range of seizure related topics. The series covers a range of topics and are intended to address a wide range of audiences. 

  • Some Conversations are intended as a 'second opinion' to help clinicians understand the latest research as explained by the investigator or perhaps focus on a clinical issue with the help of a leading epilepsy authority on the topic. The purpose is to frame the latest epilepsy news in the right context so as to better manage patients with seizures and improve quality of life.
  • Many Conversations are geared to people with epilepsy, families and those who care for and about epilepsy. These podcasts can help in many ways, for example...
    • To raise awareness and understanding of epilepsy in general.
    • To help people keep up-to-date on new research or insights in epilepsy.
    • To hear perspectives and topics from people with many different backgrounds and experiences. Epilepsy is not a 'one size fits all' challenge.  It helps us all to learn about the spectrum of epilepsy, consequences and treatments for many different viewpoints.  

Listen to the podcasts!

We hope that you find the series informative and helpful and that you join us in listening on a regular basis.

Dr. Joseph Sirven, Editor-in-Chief


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