Dare to go the distance

November is National Epilepsy Awareness Month!

For 2015, we are focusing on helping people with epilepsy know all their treatment and therapy options as they strive to become seizure-free. This November, we will show you how to #DareTo Go the Distance toward a life with the best seizure control you can achieve and no side effects.

We hope you will follow along and share the Facebook and Twitter messages below on your accounts. Tell us how you #DareTo Go the Distance in the comments below and on social media using the hashtag #DareTo.

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Social Media Messages to Share

#DareTo Go the Distance

For Facebook: This month we are encouraging you to #DareTo Go the Distance in finding and receiving the best possible seizure care. One of the best ways to control your seizures is to know yourself. Know your limitations when it comes to stress, sleep, and exercise.  Going beyond your limits can cause seizures. Learn more at epilepsy.com/dareto-go-distance.

For Twitter: #DareTo Go the Distance in controlling your seizures. Review our Epilepsy Month tips & recommendations. epilepsy.com/dareto-go-distance

Managing My Seizures

For Facebook: One in three people with epilepsy live with little or no seizure control. One in two people with epilepsy live with side effects from mediation. If you have poor seizure control or side effects, there are more options! If you are still having seizures, here are some steps to take to #DareTo Go the Distance toward greater seizure control. http://bit.ly/1PNz3ru

For Twitter: 2/3 of people w/ #epilepsy have little seizure control or quality of life. #DareTo Go the Distance http://bit.ly/1PNz3ru

Find a Doctor

For Facebook:

  1. Epileptologists are doctors who specialize in epilepsy. If you are still having seizures, find an epileptologist or an epilepsy center, a hospital with special emphasis on seizure treatment and control. #DareTo Go The Distance http://bit.ly/19MU8na
  2. If you are not satisfied with your seizure control, then you have the right to ask your doctor for a second opinion. Be sure to seek out a doctor who specializes in epilepsy, or a hospital known as an epilepsy center. Don’t hesitate… #DareTo Go the Distance. Find a Doctor: http://bit.ly/19MU8na

For Twitter:

  1. Epileptologists are doctors who specialize in #epilepsy. Find 1 or a local epilepsy center http://bit.ly/19MU8na #DareTo Go the Distance.
  2. Not satisfied with #seizure control? Seek a 2nd opinion from epilepsy specialist or center. #DareTo Go the Distance Find a Doctor: http://bit.ly/19MU8na

Find an Epilepsy Center

For Facebook: Not all hospitals specialize in treating seizures. Those that do are known as epilepsy centers. If you have difficult to control seizures, the Epilepsy Foundation recommends you #DareTo Go the Distance in seeking out the best treatment options at an epilepsy center. http://bit.ly/1HZ0aAn 

For Twitter: #DareTo Go the Distance. Find hospitals specializing in diagnosing & treating seizures, called #epilepsy centers. http://bit.ly/1HZ0aAn

Refractory Epilepsy

For Facebook: Studies show that seizures are not easily controlled in at least one-third of people with epilepsy. There are steps you can take on your journey toward seizure control. #DareTo Go the Distance. http://bit.ly/1Dd7oJG

For Twitter: #Seizures not controlled in at least 1/3 of people w/ epilepsy. Take steps! #DareTo Go the Distance http://bit.ly/1Dd7oJG

Treating Seizures and Epilepsy

For Facebook: There are many options for people living with epilepsy. Options include more than 20 types of medications, surgery, devices, and diet. If you are still experiencing seizures or side effects, you need to look at ways to #DareTo Go the Distance for better control. http://bit.ly/1LfldO3

For Twitter: Options for people living with #epilepsy include meds, surgery, device, diet.  #DareTo Go the Distance. http://bit.ly/1LfldO3

Seizure Medication List

For Facebook: There are over 20 different kinds of epilepsy medicines. Some tend to work better on certain kinds of seizures than for others. If one medicine fails, another may help control your seizures. Epilepsy.com has information on all the types of seizure medicines to help you and your health care team make the best decisions as you #DareTo Go the Distance. http://bit.ly/1JzxWZZ

For Twitter: 20+ types of #epilepsy meds work on different types of seizures. If 1 fails, keep trying #DareTo Go the Distance http://bit.ly/1JzxWZZ

Importance of Taking Medication on Schedule

For Facebook: #DareTo Go the Distance! Following your seizure medications schedule, as prescribed by your doctor, is vitally important for giving you the best chance to achieve the goals of epilepsy therapy: no seizures and no side effects. http://bit.ly/1O9IlAu

For Twitter: Following treatment like taking meds on schedule is vital to helping control #seizures. #DareTo Go the Distance. http://bit.ly/1O9IlAu

Preventing SUDEP

For Facebook: Seizures are serious and in some cases can be deadly. Thousands of people die from SUDEP (sudden unexpected death in epilepsy). There are ways to help prevent this tragedy. One way is to do your best to follow your treatment and know your seizure triggers. Make sure you don’t have a breakthrough seizure. For health and life, you must #DareTo Go the Distance. http://bit.ly/1hDF52H

For Twitter: Seizures are serious & in some cases can be deadly. Learn about #SUDEP & prevention. #DareTo Go the Distance. http://bit.ly/1hDF52H

Dietary Therapies

For Facebook: The ketogenic diet is a special high-fat, low-carb diet prescribed and monitored by a physician and nutritionist that can help control seizures in some people. Know all the types of therapies for people living the seizures. #DareTo Go the Distance http://bit.ly/1HZmeJw 

For Twitter: Ketogenic diet can help control #seizures in some people. Learn more & #DareTo Go the Distance. http://bit.ly/1HZmeJw


For Facebook: New ways of treating seizures are being vigorously pursued. Devices are being developed to try and control seizures in those who don’t respond well to medications. #DareTo Go the Distance. Learn all your treatment options. http://bit.ly/1FwtgRi

For Twitter: Implantable devices can control seizures if you don’t respond well to meds. Learn more & #DareTo Go the Distance. http://bit.ly/1FwtgRi

Clinical Trials

For Facebook: The Epilepsy Therapy Project of the Epilepsy Foundation works to promote the discovery of new treatments for seizures and bring those treatments to people living with epilepsy faster. One of the fundamental building blocks to achieve this is clinical research. #DareTo Go the Distance and learn how you or your loved ones can be a potential participant in research that may help you and so many others. http://bit.ly/1tlXlAD

For Twitter: #DareTo Go the Distance:  Learn how participating in clinical trials may help you and so many others. http://bit.ly/1tlXlAD

Tips for Lifestyle Modification

For Facebook: Treatment for epilepsy and seizures goes beyond medicine and other therapies. One of the most important ways to #DareTo Go the Distance to help control seizures is to take good care of yourself. Eat right. Exercise. Get the right amount of sleep. Staying healthy overall is extremely important. Here are some tips… http://bit.ly/1O0OrBY

For Twitter: Controlling #seizures includes wellness like eating right, exercise, stress reduction. #DareTo Go the Distance. http://bit.ly/1O0OrBY

Triggers of Seizures

For Facebook: #DareTo Go the Distance by knowing what triggers your seizures. Knowing your triggers can help you recognize when a seizure may be coming and help you be prepared to lessen the chance that one may occur the next time you face a similar trigger. http://bit.ly/U7k31h 

For Twitter: #DareTo Go the Distance for better control by knowing & avoiding what triggers your #seizures. http://bit.ly/U7k31h

Find Your Local Epilepsy Foundation

For Facebook: As you #DareTo Go the Distance, you can find help and support at your local Epilepsy Foundation (http://bit.ly/1p2NCOz ) and in our forums and chat at http://bit.ly/1UyZ9Sj.

For Twitter: Find support in your #epilepsy journey at http://bit.ly/1p2NCOz &  http://bit.ly/1UyZ9Sj #DareTo Go the Distance

Donate to Support the Epilepsy Foundation’s Mission

For Facebook: One third of people who live with epilepsy have seizures that cannot be controlled with available therapies. The Epilepsy Foundation is dedicated to helping discover new therapies in a timeframe that matters for people living with epilepsy and seizures today. Help us help them #DareTo Go the Distance http://bit.ly/give2efa

For Twitter: We are dedicated to helping discover new therapies to help people #DareTo Go the Distance. You can help! http://bit.ly/give2efa