Back to School

August 17 to 23, 2015

It’s back to school week! This week we're sharing videos that answer important questions kids, teens, college students, and parents might have while getting ready to go back to school. 

We encourage you to join the conversation with hashtag #BackToSchool and by sharing your own videos or commenting below with your tips.

August 23

Thank you for joining us for #BackToSchool week!


This week we looked at going #BackToSchool and heard some awesome tips for students in any grade and for parents. Share your tips in the comments below or on your social media accounts with the hashtag #BackToSchool. If you have questions we didn’t answer this week, give our 24/7 Helpline a call at 800-332-1000.

Back to School Webinar September 15


Join us on September 15 for a webinar where we discuss children in a school setting and how to prepare for the possibility of a #seizure happening at school. #BackToSchool #Epilepsy

Register for the webinar here.

August 22

Tips for Parents


Jill, whose son Philip has epilepsy, recalls the excitement and worries she had as a parent when sending her son off to school each fall. Watch her video for tips about what helped her and Philip start the school year off with support, knowledge, and acceptance. #BackToSchool 

Find more information to help your child in school.

August 21

College Tips


There’s a lot to look forward to with college but you might have some concerns about your #epilepsy and #seizures. How do you talk to your teachers about your epilepsy? What do I do about parties or staying up late to study? Amanda, an #EpilepsyFoundation intern and college grad, has some tips. #BackToSchool. 

Find more information on college and epilepsy.

August 20

School Sports


School sports are a great way to build confidence and friendships. Being part of some sports can be scary though. There are ways to stay safe when participating in sports. #AtheletesVsEpilepsy ambassador and professional swimmer Zach McGinnis shares how he stays safe in the pool. How do you stay safe when playing sports? #BackToSchool. 

Find more information on sports and epilepsy. For information about Athletes vs Epilepsy, visit

In another #BackToSchool sports tip video, Michael Poole, an #AtheletesVsEpilepsy ambassador and a chemical engineering student at the University of South Florida, shares how he stays safe while competing in triathlons. #BackToSchool

August 19

Preventing Bullying


At every grade level you will meet people at school who will make fun of others for just about any reason. Bullies generally make fun of things they don’t understand. Josh Cooke from Hart of Dixie asks Epilepsy Spokesperson Greg Grunberg, “What’s the best way to prevent bullying?” #BackToSchool

Find information on helping others understand epilepsy. 

August 18

Tips for High School Students


Megan from AwayWithEpilepsy has some tips for high schoolers to help with going #BackToSchool and having fun.

Find information on high school and epilepsy.

August 17

School Nurse and School Personnel Training


Temi, program manager for school personnel training, and Saran, program manager for school nurse training, answer the question, “Why is is important for school nurses and personnel to be trained for seizure recognition and first aid?” #BackToSchool

Find information on school nurse training and school personnel training