All your new clothes, notebooks and other school supplies are ready to go for the new school year. What about the things you can do to be safe at school if you have seizures?

We got you covered!

For the next few days, we’re talking about safety and tools to help you or your kids have a great year at school while managing epilepsy and seizures. Follow along here and on our social media channels, then share with us using the hashtag #BackToSchool.


August 21

Your Child at School and Child Care

It’s good to start each school year by meeting with your child's teachers. Discuss how to respond if your child has a seizure and any learning issues. Stay in touch throughout the school year about your child's progress, changes in medication and their seizures, and any related issues. Learn more about talking to school staff.



Seizure Response Plans 101

One of the best ways to prepare your child for the new school year is creating a seizure response plan. Having a plan can help you, your child and his school be prepared for whatever challenges come along. Learn more about creating a seizure response plan.


August 22

Seizures in School

When talking to teachers about your epilepsy or your child’s epilepsy, use this video to help them understand epilepsy, different types of seizures and proper first aid. Watch and share this video with teachers right from your phone.


August 23

School Nurse Training

Did you know there is training available for school nurses? It provides school nurses with information, strategies and resources to help them better manage students with seizures. School nurse training is available online or through your local Epilepsy Foundation affiliate. Find the online training here. Find your local affiliate.

School Nurse training by Epilepsy Foundation Texas

From Epilepsy Foundation Texas's Facebook page:

Thank you to all of the Houston Independent School District school nurses joining us this morning for our "Managing Students with Seizures" training.




August 24

Seizure Triggers

Changing your sleep schedule for school hours or staying up late cramming for tests? Loss of sleep can be a seizure trigger. So can stress, diet, too much coffee and other things. It’s important to learn what your triggers are so you can take steps to avoid them. Learn more about seizure triggers.



August 25

Exercise & Epilepsy

Trying out for a school sport this year? Be sure to check out our Safety with Exercise and Sports page. For an in-depth look at epilepsy and excercise, watch the video below from the 2014 Pipeline conference (fastforward to 27:00 for the segment on excerscise).




August 26


Over the years, bullying has become a big topic when it comes to kids in school. Not everyone understands epilepsy and might think it’s funny to joke about even though it’s not. If somebody says something hurtful, try to help them understand and don’t be a bully yourself. Watch this video with Josh Cooke (from the TV Show, “Hart of Dixie”) and Greg Grunberg (actor and Epilepsy Foundation spokesperson) as they talk about bullying. Learn more about how to handle bulling.



August 27

Keeping Track of Medications

Keeping track of your medications can be difficult during a busy school year. Homework, projects, social activities, sports - it all adds up and takes time. Your medications will only work if they are taken regularly. It’s important to stay on schedule with your medications  while keeping up with your classes and other activities. Learn more about the importance of medication adherence and compliance.



First Aid

August 28

Seizure First Aid

If you’re moving into new housing for college, be sure to talk to your roommates about seizure first aid and seizure safety! Here are some infographics that might help you talk about it. Get more information about seizure first aid.

Managing Epilepsy and Seizures





Download printable versions


Actor Chris Pine from the new Star Trek movies talks about first aid in a short video. Check it out below!



August 29


Whether you’re heading to college, high school or sending your child to their first day of school, you probably have a lot of questions and may be feeling excited, nervous, or even scared. Nothing compares to the support and answers you can find from a community of people going through the same things. Connect with our online community by posting questions in our forums or joining a live chat. Or find support from your local Epilepsy Foundation affiliate.




August 30

This week we talked about getting ready for the new school year. As you deal with what comes up at school, remember you are not alone. Talking about epilepsy and seizures with friends, family, teachers, coaches and your doctors can help. We are here too. The Epilepsy Foundation is your unwavering ally, and we want to help you reach your fullest potential. If you have questions about what we shared this week, you can always call our 24/7 Helpline at 800-332-1000.

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