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Pregnancy and Lamictal

I've been on 150mg of Lamictal since 2006. My husband and I are looking to start a family within the next year or so. I'm just wondering to all the Mom's out there who have been on this medicine while pregnant if you have had any persistent issues you had to watch. The one thing my Dr. said to do is I will need to have a blood test done every month to monitor the levels of my medication. Any advise for a nervous future Momma?


I had epilepsy since I been

I had epilepsy since I been 3yrs old I am turning 56 in December.I had gotten pregnant in 1989 my daughter was born in 1990 she is now 28yrs old..I was on medication when I was pregnant the medication did not harm my baby.My seizures had gotten out of control when I was pregnant.The medications I was taking wasn't working any more so the only option I had was to have surgery.In 1996 I had two brain surgeries the first one was to find where the seizures were coming from the second brain surgery was to remove my right temporal lobe and my hippocampus.  I still had to take medication after I had the surgeries because I was still having them.My doctor tried to take my medications off of me but find out that I need the medications for the rest of my life.My doctor went down to low and had seizures again so I had to increase my medications again.

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