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Medication/epilepsy and period irregularity?

Hi everyone.
I am 16 yrs old and I was diagnosed with epilepsy 3 years ago. Since then, my period has become extremely unpredictable. It used to happen right around the second week of every month, and now might get my period around the same time for a couple months, but then it switches. I have never missed a cycle, but I am wondering if this has to do with my medication (keppra)? Has this happened to anyone else?
Thank you!


I was diagnosed at the age of

I was diagnosed at the age of thirteen with catamential epilepsy. My periods were unpredictable. It was hard to get my neurologist to be on board. Now I’ve been seizure free for a long time. 

U might have pcos...

U might have pcos... polycystic ovarian disease.... it’s a condition that causes low levels of progesterone and irregular periods. I have it and  My ob inserted the nexplanon in my arm and It really helps! Tell your parents about this so they can get you help!! Good luck, sweetie!!! 

My 17 year-old-daughter was

My 17 year-old-daughter was diagnosed at age 10 with epilepsy. She has temporal lobe and a lot of issues with her menstrual cycles. It took 3 years before they stopped saying missed cycles were "normal" and tested for PCOS. It turned out she did not have that but rather has estrogen and progestrone levels that are similar to what a peri-menopausal has. She was put on birth control 7 weeks ago and not sure we can continue due to breakthrough bleeding and pain. She doesn't take keppra, but there are some meds that may need tweaking if you are not controlled. If you take bc, you will need to work with your neurologist and gynecologist on a proper dosage of both.

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