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Last nights sleep

Hello everyone.
So yesterday I felt strange all day, the tv and lights were really bothering me. I went to bed last night fine, woke for the loo then went back to sleep. Then after about 15 mins I woke up during an aura where I felt as though the bed was stretching and was so huge I couldn’t reach my husband. I was trying to reach him and was tensing my whole body to the point I was rolling in agony with cramp in my legs. I went to the loo again where I felt like I came round and felt scared, confused, my heart was racing and was beating out my chest. I went back to bed and woke my husband he said he hadn’t heard anything and maybe it was a bad dream (he’s a light sleeper and usually wakes) I was shaking, hot, had a headache and really struggled to get back to sleep. When I woke this morning my whole body aches and I’m exhausted, on opening my eyes I could see a strobe light effect even though it was still dark in the room.
I’ve only had epilepsy since April and only had 2 seizures so not sure wot this epidode was. Does anyone have any experience/ideas on what it could’ve been? I’m going to see my dr later but just thought I’d see if anyone could shed any light on this. TIA


looks like it was a seizure.

looks like it was a seizure. The muscles aching and being tired could be due to their cramping which can happen in some seizures.

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