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epilepsy meds and breastfeeding

We have all read it's safe, but how many *can*? Could you run a poll to see.....1) yes/nowere you able to breastfeed?2) yes/nodid you have supply problems?3) List of common meds or fill-inwhat medication were you on?I am on Lamictal and had *no* supply - unlike anyone else in 3 generations of my family. Since Reglan (the drug to increase supply) gives you seizures, I am wondering if our drugs to turn off seizures turns off breastmilk as well.


RE: epilepsy meds and breastfeeding

hi, it's always disappointing when things don't work out as we planned. i'm sorry you had a tough time of it. the most important thing about feeding your baby is that you feed him/her with love. that really is the most important thing. mother's love is so much more important than mother's milk. sometimes we might confuse the two. or feel inadequate about not being able to nurse the baby. but the baby just wants to be loved ;-) i'm sure love isn't in short supply. since you wanted a poll - i have 3 children and took mysoline 750 mg during all three pregnancies and i nursed them all with no problems. lamictal is a much newer drug than my drug. so maybe there isn't as much research on it.

RE: epilepsy meds and breastfeeding

When any one sees my gorgeous daughter who at 19 months is an active toddler with a vocabulary twice that of her peers....... it's no wonder Lamictal and 4mg of foliate is the current cocktail of choice for our crowd : ) Bottlefeeding her Enfamil Lipil seems to have worked out just fine : )But being a new mom is hell, and we spent a lot of time, energy, money, and STRESS, and SLEEP, over trying to breastfeed. Epileptic women already have more than enough to worry about, and I would hate for anyone to go through what we did. If women just knew up front that it looks like Lamictal is a good choice for pregnancies but...... it dries up your breast milk..... we would have a choice. We could plan. Our kids would be well fed from day one (My daughter dropped a lot of weight and got jaundice. Not to mention no one wants to starve a baby!)I keep thinking of writing that Dr. Mark Yerby who seems to really research our issues. Alternately, there are no updates on his site for 2004.

RE: epilepsy meds and breastfeeding

Hi.I was sorry to hear that that your own experience of breast feeding didn't work out,as the mom's in the link above did.It happens to the best of mother's...Not what you want you want to know right now.....You want to know about the 'turn off'...Guess we all do for future generations that come after us...As a new friend of mine says, time-it's a precious gift you can give the ones you love-and you can give that your new baby,even if you couldn't give the milk...A good reply to a good question,thanks for asking it,and until then-hope this link helps for any woman on Lamictal,or even thinking of getting pregnant.

breastfeeding questions

In response to the question about lamictal affecting breastfeeding - would love to hear if others have had problems. I don't know of any specific impact of this AED or others limiting the milk supply but will look it up for anyone interested! Resource Specialist

Re: epilepsy meds and breastfeeding

JME diagnosed '98

100 mg Lamictal 2/day b/f pregnancy; 300 mg 2/day after birth (dosage increase based on blood levels only)

I, too, had a virtually non existent milk supply.  A week after my baby's birth I saw a lacatation consultant because of what I thought was latching issues.  I found out I was producing in each feeding just 8ml -- my baby needed 50.  Baby is now 6 mo. old and I still cry thinking about it.  The second week after her birth, I took fenugreek, used a lactation aid at each feeding (12/day -- and it took at least 10 min. just to set it up each time) and double-pumped after.  I gave up the lactation aid after that -- very little sleep combined with the stress of the situation caused a break though episode of myoclonus.  At the high point of milk production, I was able to produce only 1 oz  (approx. 25 ml) during each feeding but could pump a bit more.  I've finally given up -- for the past month I've been able to pump only 1oz max every 4 or 5 hours.  It took 4 sessions just to get one bottle.

 My neuro encouraged breast feeding -- literature demonstrates very little passes through to breast milk, any benefits outweigh risks, great bonding time with baby.... blah, blah, blah.  And I live in a part of the country where you're seen as a substandard parent if you formula/bottle feed.  I'm more embarrased to be seen mixing formula in public than I ever was to accidentally flash my boob while nursing.  It sucks.  

 The consolation I have is my healthy, happy baby girl, even though I'm still sad about things -- hence my continued search for links re:  BF and Lamictal.  Best of luck to everyone. 

Re: epilepsy meds and breastfeeding

i was on 400mg of lamictal during both of my pregnancies and afterwards during breastfeeding.  i had absolutely no side effects.  i breastfeed my daughter until she was one year old and then my son until he was 14 months old. 

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