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Child birth and Epilepsy

So I know I have seizures ive had them for 15yrs, i know when they're about to happen, mostly its just Myclonic jerks but every now and again I get the clonic gran mals which sucks. It all sucks. Epilepsy isn't just a one band kinda guy either, he brings his posse of friends, depression, anxiety, insonmia and so on and so forth. What i don't know though is anyone else that has epilepsy, especially those who have had children. Is it possible? Is it safe? Is it selfish to try for something you want so so badly even though the outcome is unknown. I want to know from mothers with Epilepsy what its like, what medicine you take and what side effects may come of it. Please would love some feedback, I hope i didnt write too much to lose your interest. But stuff like this I can't just talk to my mom about pregnancy with, its a new ballgame, we're talking another life being involved, while I take meds to control seizures. How does an Eplieptic give birth.


Well I am not a mother but I

Well I am not a mother but I am aware that epileptics give birth just like a person with diabetes. a heart condition or anybody else. Yjey go through everything your mother went through. Meds do come up but your neurologist will know which medications are safest to use. Talking about another life is fine. But do people die because they were hit by a car while crossing the street? You are putting things in the epilepsy gang as you say that you need to start referring to as themselves. Depression does not necessarily come from your epilepsy. It may contribute to it some but that is because YOU are not controlling your life but you are letting your epilepsy control much of what you think about. Why can't you sleep?? Seizure meds generally calm down the central nervous system which means you should go to sleep faster then the average person. I don't know so forth so I will comment on them.Is it selfish to try for something you want so so badly even though the outcome is unknown. <<< If you want it then go for it. No one knows what tomorrow will bring. 

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