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Aura or partial seizure?

Hi, new to the site but would really like to know if anyone has experienced what I have felt recently. I had convulsions from the age of 2 until 5 then I had a break and had one in my GCSE exam at 16 and continued to have seizures until I was 21. After controlling my seizures for five years, I recently had one; however this time I was more aware of the symptoms I had before.

I'm a teacher and a couple of days before, I had random episodes where I couldn't understand what children were saying, , couldn't find the right words or respond to their comments. I also get random fast thoughts and my head starts ticking as if I'm going to have one but then it wasn't until two days later that I had a tonic clinic seizure that lasted 5 minutes.

I've been sent home from work today because I had these same symptoms again and thought it was best to come home and rest.

Would love to know if anyone else has experienced this and if anyone has this sometimes and doesn't have a seizure like me ? Also is this a mini seizure or just a panic/aura episode?

Thanks for your support

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