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What type of seizure did i have and will i have more

I have had 2 seizures in my life and just had a few questions. Both of these seizures occured from the use of drugs ( benadryl and cocaine). I have stayed away from both of these drugs ever since. The benydral caused my first seizure about 3 months ago, and the cocaine caused my second one yesterday. My first one was far worst than my second, i do not remember anything at all. My friend said i started to stare off and not reply to him then slowly layed on his bed and started shaking my whole body. I would start shaking then stop, then start, then stop again. He said i then sat up and threw up. i was also very confused and couldnt talk. This all lasted about 3-4 minutes. After that he said i could understand and talk to people, but had a hard time walking. There is only certaint moments i can remember for the next 12 hours after that(but im pretty sure that was caused by how much alergy medicine i took). It wasnt until the next day that i was 100% back to normal. The second one was far less dramatic. In this case i still dont remember anything while it occured, just right before and after. i was with a different friend in his room and we were watching a movie. I remember looking away from the screen at his dresser and then BOOM, nothing after that. The next thing i know im sitting on his bed and hes freaking out asking me if im ok over and over again. It was like waking up from a nap and someone is all up in your face asking you if your alright, he scared the hell outta me when i woke up because he was so close to me. I then looked around and acted like nothing even happened.I didnt even realize i had a seizure until he told me. At first i didnt believe him but then i tried to remember what happened right before he was standing over me and i couldnt. It was strange because when i did come back everything seemed to be normal. He said I slowly fell to the ground and started shaking a little bit, also my eyes were rolled back. He said he picked me up onto his bed and i just layed there making all kinds of noises with my mouth (while still lightly twitching every body part). That lasted for about 2 minutes then i woke up, but not fully. He said i couldnt talk right and was making really strange facial expressions, which lasted another good 2 minutes. He then told me after i regained consciousness he could tell i was ok because i was actting like nothing even happened, and i was answering all the questions he was asking me, i remember the exact moment i came back. I was just a little confused about why he was freaking out and why he kept asking if i was alright. I remember the exact moment i went out and came back just nothing in between. So after all that heres my questions. What type of seizures did i have (im pretty sure they were grand mal). Also since i know what triggered my seizures, is there a greater chance, or even a possibility of me having another one without any sort of trigger? And finally, could these seizures have caused permanent damage to my brain(I feel 100% fine).


I'm not a doctor, but I have

I'm not a doctor, but I have had three types of seizures with my epilepsy that I've had for more than fifty years.  Both of these seizures sound just like the grand mals or what doctors prefer to call generalized tonic clonic seizures. These are seizures which produce uncontrolled electrical activity throughout the brain.  It is common for persons who experience this type of seizure to also experience an aura before the generalized seizure.  It is actually a smaller seizure and serves as a good warning of the event to come.  I'm not familiar how common it is for persons to experience seizures after taking cocaine.  It may be that you have a reduced seizure threshold and are more likely to experience seizures after taking this bad stuff.  I don't know.Again I can't say for sure but I think that one or two seizures will not do permanent damage to your brain.  However if you have an episode that goes on and on the hyperventilation and cardiovascular workout could deplete the brain of oxygen and do permanent damage.  Also, I think having these seizures on a more frequent basis could establish a pattern which will happen more easily and frequently as time goes on.  Stop the drug use and get the seizures under control ASAP. 

Many people that have grand

Many people that have grand mal or todays tonic clonic seizures do not have auras. Oh and so you'll know it an aura is a seizure itself.

Many people that have grand

Many people that have grand mal or todays tonic clonic seizures do not have auras. Oh and so you'll know it an aura is a seizure itself.

What you described could be

What you described could be grand mal seizures and you can look up triggers in the learn section. But there are many other triggers that are not listed. Benyadryl has been used without it triggering seizures, It is used for many different things, nose spray cough drops and medicines for allergies have it in them. If you were sick then the illness lowered your own thresholds to stop or fight illnesses, Just like the cocaine did. In grand mal seizures the person having them lose consciousness so they have no memory of what happened and yes people seeing it will be asking if you are OK. You couldn't talk right and things might have been a little weird because it takes time for your body to get back to normal. It is called post ictal period of time. That comes with all types of seizures. You do not know what triggered your seizures since there are many causes and many people that have seizures find no causes. What causes an electrical impulse to hit wrong in your brain??  I ask that because that is what causes a seizure. An electrical impulse hitting wrong causes a chain reaction which is the seizure itself.I have had seizures for 50+ years. For all you know you could have been having seizures for some time since you don't know about any of the other types of seizures that there are.No  unless you had a concussion because you hit your head and you really hurt yourself in a fall during one. A concussion can cause damage to your brain which could cause your epilepsy since anything that is different on the brain can cause a person to have a seizure. I know my seizures are caused by the scar tissue I got from a fall when I hit my head hare enough to cause a concussion which bled leaving scar tissue in the left lobes of my brain. But the seizure itself does nothing to the brain.

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